Roasted Root Vegetable Recipe for the Boston Globe

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Roasted Root Vegetable Recipe

Hello fall!

We are going to really miss you. For the beautiful walks you let us have.

And for your delicious root vegetables. Especially the multicolored carrots, pink turnips, and colored beets and potatoes we are still able to buy at local farmers’ markets. They are all looking irresistible!

To celebrate their beauty for the eyes, and our tummies, I wrote a recipe on how to roast them for the Boston Globe.

I hope you enjoy it!

And now I am off to Canada!


  1. I love roasted vegetables – otherwise I’m not much of a vegetable fancier, I’m afraid. Fall is my favorite time of year!

  2. Fall hasn’t really officially started in the Bay Area (we’re a big Indian summer area), but I’m itching to get going! Crisp weather, sweaters, hot comfort food and soups. And I will definitely be making this recipe (once it cools down enough to use the oven!)

  3. Bon voyage ! Et les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, ce sera pour une autre fois ?!!

  4. I was visiting Denver yesterday and in the Tattered Cover bookstore I found your book and fell in love with it. I cannot wait to start cooking from it! Brava!!!

  5. Beautiful photo Bea! Checked out the recipe on the Boston Globe as well… a must-try for the coming season of root veggies and soups!

  6. I made your lovely root vege recipe and it was delicious!
    The next night, I pureed the veges and made a thick soup with them (adding pureed fresh green peas). Then I topped the bowl of “soup” off with mushroom ravioli for a wonderful autumn meal. Thanks, Bea!

  7. SO gorgeous, Béa! Roasted roots are one of my favourite flavours for Autumn and winter. Can’t wait to try out your take on it in the kitchen!

    P.S. Welcome to Canada {when you come}!

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