When I returned home

Albestroff lorraine france

Home village, Lorraine

I found fields painted in yellow and filled with wild flowers that made my heart sing.

Mon village, oh comme j’aime ta campagne !

And the fresh produce that witnesses of an obvious care for food.


  1. Such peaceful places and full of colors! I love how you captured the little church in background and how it’s giving depth to the photograph. Perfect perspective! La belle vie a la campagne 🙂

  2. So beautiful! France has always been one of the places I’ve wanted to experience more than anything.

  3. Enjoy your time in France. I am waiting for your book which should arrive here in the south of France on Thursday 😉 Can’t wait…

  4. Coucou Bea! Profite bien de la France et de ta famille. J’en reviens juste…

  5. J’arrive par hasard sur ce blog et je découvre ces photos qui parlent de sérénité retrouvée. Je comprends…
    Jolie province que la Lorraine !

  6. I can completely tell that you love this place by the photographs you took. So serene & beautiful!

  7. J’en reviens, mais pas du même côté, la Côte d’Azur, dieu que notre pays est beau. magnifiques photos Béa !

  8. So lovely! I just returned from a trip to France and can’t stop looking at my photos that resemble yours. What an enchanting place.

  9. So lovely! Our last trip was a quick one to Paris, and I did not get to see any countryside. But, oh, your photos and words are lovely as ever, and they transport me!

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  11. Looks like your little girl is following in your footsteps.

    The picture of her with the camera is so sweet.

  12. So beautiful Bea, thousands of words in those two breathtaking photographs!

  13. ah, what a beautiful village! it makes me homesick, too. even though i’m not french 🙂

  14. Oh! That photo brings back that old homesick-for-France feeling. I am not from France but my heart might tell you otherwise!

  15. Oh i recognize the village! I’m just a few kilometers away. The weather has been good this week and looks like it will be next week too. Finally some summer weather here. Enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  16. Bonjour comme vous je suis en lorraine pourquoi n avez vous pas fait de rencontre avec vos fans français???

  17. Stunning pictures! I’m able to escape from my computer and stare into the stillness and the beauty that you capture. Thank you for capturing!