sicily case vecchie vellalunga traveling

sicily case vecchie vellalunga traveling

I am currently traveling but will be back soon with images. Oh I cannot wait to share the tidbits of an amazing trip with inspired people!

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  1. Oh! whayt a beatiful picture. You can only be in the South of Spain, Andalucia, my wonderful land! hope my guess is right!!!

  2. I’m new to your blog, found you after buying your book – which I love! Look forward to seeing you when you are back.

  3. Looking forward. I finally got my hands on a copy of your cookbook, absolutely beautiful! Carrot soup today on a snowy Spring day!

  4. What beautiful sights to behold – that countryside! Looking forward to seeing & reading about your trip – enjoy your moments. My radish seeds I planted are now sprouting in my vegetable patch. I’m looking forward to making some of your radish salads with them pretty soon. 🙂 I think I’m going to buy the mandoline you wrote about in your book. Take care!

  5. Wonderful Valérie-Jeanne. I hope you enjoy every page of it 😉

  6. Hi Béa…nice to be here to you!Now I’m so curios to see something about your trip!!!
    have nice day,

  7. Ohhhh beautiful SICILY! The land of lemons and oranges and amazing ice cream, cannoli, pasta o forno, arancini and more!!!!!!!! 😀

  8. Where are you? The landscape looks quite like Tuscany… If you’re actually in Tuscany, I know you’ll enjoy every bit of it. Anyway, have a nice trip and come back soon, I’m starting to miss your recipes…

  9. Hmmm… Where are you Béa? Catalonia (my homeland) ? València? If you are so near, tell me! I’ll love to invite you and your family for a tea & cookies. I love to speak french… I could show you lovely places to visit… Please, tell me!

  10. Last saturday was your day in my home….because i cooked for dinner appentizer, first,second and dessert of your book…..delicious!!I couldn’t be better, I love every single recipe.Thanks.

  11. I just found your blog and have enjoyed going through it and getting a feel for you writing and photographs. Keep up the great work. Perhaps you will like our blog,
    Thank you for creating this blog

  12. the first picture is just breathtaking…!
    wow, what a beautiful landscape, what a great feeling of spring!!

  13. ces nuages effilés contre ce ciel tout bleu porte effectivement au rêve, invite au voyage imaginaire. on adore 🙂

  14. Beautiful pictures … and looks like beautiful weather where you are! Do you mind sharing what sort of camera and lens you use to take such lovely shots?

  15. Thank you Beatrice for sharing these beautiful images of the spectacular Sicilian countryside. Enjoy your time away. The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

  16. Can’t wait to hear (and see) where you’ve been this time! Have a wonderful time wherever you are.

  17. Guardo le foto e mi sembra di sentire il profumo della primavera, degli agrumi nostrani, delle spezie…complimenti, aspetto prossima ricetta…

  18. Bonjour, votre livre est-il ou va t-il être publié en français?
    Bon voyage.

  19. Bonjour
    je viens de découvrir ce blog merveilleux par l’intermédiaire d’Edwige Bufquin (blog : du Coq à l’âne)… et je suis tombée sous le charme!!! je ne regrette qu’une seule chose : que mon anglais ne soit pas meilleur pour comprendre les recettes, les ingrédients et la correspondance des mesures avec les mesures françaises de ce livre si tentant! Bravo pour toute la poésie qui s’échappe de ce blog et de la petite vidéo présentant le livre… et merci de partager cet univers avec nous

  20. I bought your beautiful book and cooked the trout en papillote and served with your vitamin boosting black rice salad, I could not think of a better way to welcome spring, thank you for a lovely dinner party to inspire 🙂

  21. Waiting anxiously for your next post and yes these landscapes could easily be from Portugal. Have you ever been to Portugal? Is a must for lovers of good food and nature.

  22. is that sagebrush, AND trees, AND wildflowers? how did you get all the best plants in one picture???

  23. So beautiful. This looks like where I live…the Texas Hill Country. But with that beautiful citrus, might you be in Northern California?

    Safe travels.


  24. Would you mind sharing what kind of camera you are using? Beautiful photo’s

  25. Looking a lot like California in the Springtime to me, our old home state we so miss…Enjoy Bea!

  26. Thank you everyone. Back home now sorting out pictures 😉 I hope to have them ready to share soon.

    Margaret, I use a Canon 1d Mark 4.

  27. J’ai passé la semaine à Boston. J’espérais un petit miracle : que tu annoncerais une séance de signatures dans une librairie de la ville juste comme j’y étais… Mais tu es partie te promener, aucune chance donc 🙂

  28. Trees, Plants, Flowers and fruits, all of them are amazing, aren’t they?
    I like you traveling so much!!

  29. Waouh, tu es en Sicile (je l’ai vu sur le lien de ta photo). Ça a l’air magnifique !