Lulu took this chocolate picture

gluten free chocolate petits pots de creme

Petits pots de crème au chocolat

Lulu pressed the shutter. Which technically means that she is the one who took this photograph.

Je peux toucher maman ?” (Can I touch mummy ?) she asked, while reaching for the meringue that was sitting on top of the chocolate crèmes (custard) I had just finished to style.

Non, mais tu peux appuyer là,” (No, but you can press here) I answered, handing my remote switch to her.

Clic. Clic. Clic. CLic.

She was beaming.

It was sweet to watch how much she enjoyed pressing on the shutter while repeating “C’est moi qui l’ai fait” (I did it myself).

Done ?” I asked.

Je peux en manger une maintenant ?

It was the obvious outcome.

And as we sat next to each other holding a petit pot de crème in our hands, we started to eat.

Sunday special. She had made my day.

Naturally, I will have to come back to tell you about these.

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  2. La relève est assurée 😉
    Sa photo est bien plus belle que toutes les miennes.
    Bises gourmandes.

  3. You are an inspiration, as blogger and a mom. Sometimes, when I am so focused, especially while shooting, I seem to forget to redirect like that. Now, I am totally going to use that trick. Tell her beautiful shot:)

  4. Aw, bless. The lil cutie! If only I got to savour one of your mouthwatering creations when I press the shutter button, I would be a very happy photographer! 🙂

  5. Except for chocolate, there’s nothing quite as exciting as a remote shutter release:)

  6. Such a talented child! I can’t wait for you to share the recipe.

  7. Oh, that’s great! Tell Lulu her picture was great, perfect.

  8. Beautiful picture Lulu! Bea I just happened to be looking at your previous blog about your pots de creme and was going to try them for myself. I was wondering where you got your cups for the pots de creme? I searched all over for cute decorative cups but couldn’t find anything. You always post your pictures with lovely dishes.

  9. Trop mignon. J’imagine sa fierté. Les petits pots de crème ont l’air delicieux. Je comprends pourquoi elle voulait en avoir tout de suite. 🙂

  10. Sara, thank you. These were bought a few years ago from a German company called ASA. Search online. Good luck!

  11. hi bea
    on the weekend i get one of your wonderfull cookingbooks 😀
    i ordered it in autumn, delivery was last week ^^
    its sooo great!!!
    i blogged a “i love this book”-post on

    kisses from germany,

  12. Hello Ina,

    Thanks so much. I hope you love it and are inspired to cook with it too.

  13. Le livre de cuisine “Recipes for an Inspired Life” est merveilleux – si inspirant et joyeux. Merci !

  14. And I bet Lulu ate what was in that Petit Pot too. Did you get a picture with chocolate all over her face. Great photo.