The cookbook trailer, WGBH and the New York Times Diner’s Journal

La Tartine Gourmande Recipes for an Inspired Life cookbook

Back in October, when there were still gorgeous looking homegrown apples around us, we could leave the kitchen windows open and walk outside bare legged, I met Margaret and Max for the first time. Together, we shot the video trailer for my cookbook.

Margaret and Max are the talented photographer duo behind Unusually Fine. Working with them was simply delightful.

I will keep wonderful memories of us all, working in my kitchen.

Of them making me feel so comfortable because of course!, I felt nervous–especially about the speaking part of the shoot.

Of us sitting around the table for an impromptu lunch between two video sessions.

Then, spending an afternoon apple picking close to where we live.

Of the generosity the members of my publishing house –Julie, Megan, Sara–expressed when they came to work with us.

Of Lulu making and enjoying chocolate crêpes with me. And us eating apple verrines and tartlets, beet millefeuilles, and pistachio with poppyseeds financiers–a few recipes from my cookbook.

Of seeing M. & M. drive in their old and cute red Volkswagen pickup. There was a sense of joy and such simplicity about it.

Of the uplifted and sparkling energy we felt throughout the house during the time of the shoot.

I discovered the video only a few days ago. And I truly hope that you’ll enjoy it, imagining the fun time we had when we made it.

Today, a few days after the release, my cookbook was mentioned in the radio show The Callie Crossley Show on WGBH and then, in the New York Times Diner’s Journal, in an article written by Emily Weinstein called Coming to a Bookstore By You!

Wow. I am really honored. And touched.

Needless to say that between these 3 press events, the current visit of my parents, Lulu’s big birthday party last weekend–I am so thankful for the paella my mother cooked for over twenty five guests–it’s been a pretty fulfilling (and full), and happy week in our household.

Filled with scrumptious foods, and generous moments around the table.

Merci à tous ! And happy holidays to all! I will be back with more stories and recipes very soon, when the regular routine of our life resumes.


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  2. Oh Bea, the video is sooo beautiful and touching!…Congratulations, you really deserve the success of your book. And I’m so glad I already have it, by the way, did I mention that banana, chocolate and hazelnut muffins are my new favorite?!…

  3. Félicitations pour cette vidéo qui te ressemble, on a même aperçu Mr Tartine ! ;-))) Je crois que je vais me laisser tenter par le livre, pour Noël ! passe de bonnes fêtes, bizzoux !

  4. Félicitations, Béa! What a lovely book and the photography is really stunning!
    Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2012!

  5. Congratulations, that sounds all wonderful!
    May your cookbook be found wrapped under many a Christmas tree and may the New Year bring you love, happiness and further success,

  6. May your cookbook be found wrapped under many a Christmas tree and may the New Year bring you love, happiness and further success,

  7. Your recipes and photos are fantastics! my english is so poor excuse me.
    I wish you all the hapinness in this days.

  8. J’ai craqué pour ton blog il y a un moment déjà et de voir ta vidéo est vraiment inspirant. Je ne pourrai résister à l’achat de ton livre 😉 Félicitations et Joyeuses Fêtes en famille 🙂

  9. Bravo, c’est superbe et ça donne envie ! Exercice difficile mais tu es parfaite 😉

  10. The video was outstanding…a pleasure for us all to watch. Enjoy your holidays with your family. Looking forward to a wonderful new year!

  11. Cette vidéo est lumineuse et délicate, comme chacun des messages que vous mettez sur votre blog… Bravo et merci!

  12. I liked the sound of your voice! You have French accent, it’s very nice 🙂
    AND your daughter is really pretty, lovely, cute! You’re lucky!
    I still have to buy your book, and I will (I was hoping that someone would gift me with the book.. but noone understood my whish :-D), becuse it looks great. Congratulations for your work and your beautiful family! Joyeux Noel!

  13. Oh how lovely!!! What a touching trailer…You have a beautiful family Bea. Congratulations to you on the book. I am completely IN LOVE with it!!!!

  14. Simply incredible. Thank you for sharing the video and I can’t wait to have your book in my hands. Merry Christmas too!

  15. Magnifique cette video. J’ai adore decouvrir ton univers.vivement Fevrier.
    Joyeux noel Bea

  16. The trailer was delightful! Such a treat to get a peek at you creating in your kitchen, a sweet slice of life with your Lulu and P. Really looking forward to having your cookbook in my kitchen. Joyeux Noël, bonne année.

  17. Wonderful video! Can’t wait for your cookbook…it’s on my wishlist 🙂

  18. I love the video! What a great portrait of you and your family. 🙂

  19. Bravo, bravissimo! La vidéo m’a même un peu émue! Troublant de voir le monde de la tartine prendre vie… 🙂
    Vivement que je puisse feuilleter ce beau livre!
    Joyeuses fêtes à toi et à ta famille!

  20. lovely video. another French cookbook that I will desire when it is available.

  21. It is an very beautiful trailer and I love your accent!! So very happy have such an awesome cookbook in my collection.

  22. Bea, so wonderful and beautiful. I loved seeing you prep food. I learned so much just watching the video. I’m sure the book is beautiful too.

  23. So wonderful to see you in the video…Happy 3rd B-day to Lulu and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  24. Can you tell where can i get spoons like yours? I love your photos and recipes as Always!!

  25. Felicitations Bea magnifique video .J espere trouver le livre en France.
    Comment faitez vous pour rester mince en cuisinant autant???
    Je vous souhaite à vous et votre famille de bonnes Fetes de Noel

  26. Que c’est joli ! Tout est joli ! Et vous respirez le bonheur !

    J’ai trouvé ce vidéo très touchant ! La façon que vous abordez la cuisine est belle !

    Bravo !

  27. I’ve loved your site for several years now and I’m so glad to see you have a cookbook coming out. The video was really beautiful. I enjoyed watching you cook and style food. Such an inspiration!

  28. This is so beautiful and exciting…the video, a lovely ‘sneak peak’ into your cookbook, the work, love, passion and time that went into it… I can’t wait to add a copy to my collection of inspiring cookbooks!
    Merry Christmas and Congratulations!

  29. Love the video Bea!! It is gorgeous and filled with light…and you and your family are even more gorgeous and light-filled! I cannot wait until this book hits my shores! Belated holiday greetings to you and yours!

  30. vivement février!
    Y a-t-il aussi dans le livre des adresses pour trouver de la vaisselle aussi jolie?
    Ou bien pourrait il y avoir des liens sur le blog?

  31. Hola!
    I love the video and I am sure I will love the book too!! It’s so great to hear you in that video after all these years reading you here!!
    Congratulations again and again for your book!!!

  32. Dear Béa, congratulations!! And thank you for presenting us with such beautiful book. Your food makes me happy and always makes me feel like going to the kitchen and cooking beautiful things. you are inspirational.

  33. Wonderful vedio ! Very excited to get your book, it looks lovely & delicious. I’ve been reading your blog for 2 plus years. My daughters are in college now but they have a earthy sense of food because of the values you are making available to everyone. Best of luck to you with Cookbook ! ~ Robyn

  34. Just received your cookbook in the mail, as a gift from my dear sister-in-law. Gorgeous and inspiring! And threatening to keep me curled up on my couch, drooling all day!! Can’t wait to try out the gluten-free baking recipes, especially, as my young son has a gluten intolerance as well.

  35. bravo! Le petit film traduit si bien l’atmosphère du blog et inversement en fait… vivement février 😉

  36. Oh Bea, this is so exciting! I can’t wait to get my hands on your book. The video is a lovely peek inside your world 🙂 Congrats!

  37. Bea – I purchased your book the week it was out and have to say it is one of the best cookbooks I own! I have tried a great number of the recipes and they are all wonderful. I love being able to experiment with different ingredients (especially in baking) and am so grateful to you for expanding my food horizons. I am seriously hoping you are working on a second cookbook because your brand of culinary genius needs to have a permanent place in my kitchen. Thank you!

  38. Bea – Thank you, thank you, thank you, for doing what you do. Reading your blog is always a delightful treat which made watching the video even sweeter. Your radiant look at the end really touched my heart. I can’t say enough of the importance of doing what makes your soul happiest. I’m thrilled for you and for your book!