Strawberry verrines for the Boston Globe

verrine strawberry gluten free

Strawberry verrines

If you are anything like me, you are going to feel sorry to see the last strawberries of the season at the market. Every year, I wait for the first ones to arrive. I always feel sad to see them go too.

This strawberry verrine recipe is one of the desserts I served when friends came over to celebrate July 4th with us. We love it, they tell me. I had baked my own ladyfingers (gluten free too), which was undeniably a plus. It’s something I encourage you to do as well.

strawberry verrine

I thought you’d be happy that I share this verrine recipe with you. I wrote it for this week’s food column in the Boston Globe.

Enjoy preparing the dessert with sweet strawberries from your local market. And if you cannot find seasonal strawberries anymore, do not worry, other berries like blueberries, raspberries or red currants would go inside the dessert just as perfectly. In summer, we never have a shortage of delicious berries.

Car la nature fait bien les choses. (Because Nature knows best.)



  1. Looks really delicious! I too feel sad about the end of the strawberry season. I put a couple of liters into the freezer yesterday so that I can enjoy a piece of summer when the days are getting shorter and we are covered in a thick layer of snow.

  2. It really are the last days of those fresh berries.. But I can’t wait for the new pears and apples from my neighborhood in august too, it’s like nature tries to make a compromise for the loss of the berries, and tries to distract us. Anyway, this looks like a great recipe to celebrate the last ones we can find.. !

  3. This appears both fabulous and delicious. I am not a big fan of cream so custard is the perfect ingredient. So pretty!

  4. I’ve just finished making and writing about Strawberry Jam. I always leave it to the last minute at the end of the season. What a beautiful, light summer dish.

  5. I have been throwing strawberries in every dish lately, since I know thry will soon be gone. There is nothing like fresh berries! But the blueberries on the bushes at my parents house are just starting to riped, so I may have to make this with blueberries instead. Yum!

  6. Bea,
    The verrine is lovely. I am so looking forward to your book! I particularly enjoy your snippets of french, stories and photos. Enjoy summer.

  7. No more strawberries? Oh no. Blueberries are gorgeuos, too. But they’re blue, sad them too, because strawberries have gone, their red and sweet friends from the field.


  9. The strawberry dessert looks fantastic and I can’t wait to try it! Would you recommend homemade ladyfingers or will store-bought suffice? I greatly enjoy the photos that you used in this post. How much natural lighting was a part of the picture? It makes the food look gorgeous.

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