Raspberry and peach popsicles — Sucettes glacées aux framboises et aux pêches

raspberry peach popsicles summer cold

Raspberry and Peach Popsicles

We’ve been eating cold-to-refresh-your-entire-body popsicles. Tons of them. Some made with raspberries; others with strawberries and apple juice, with or without yogurt.

And then there were these. Made with irresistible juicy raspberries and peaches that Lulu and I bought when we walked to the farmer’s market this past Wednesday.

The fruit was spectacular. And so were the popsicles.

Before last week, Lulu had never eaten a popsicle. And oh the immense pleasure for me to watch her discover the food. Her first popsicle, ever! I was really curious to see what she would do with it.

Can you remember the last time you discovered a food for the first time? Wondering what it was? Whether you could actually eat it? And how? I find the feeling magical each time it happens.

And I must say, Lulu was pretty amazing. At first, she started to eat the popsicle by the wrong end. But shortly afterward, she figured out that she had to turn it in order to get to the interesting part. The ice.

Ouah !, (Wow !) she exclaimed with her lips and mouth touching the ice. She wasn’t sure whether she should bite. Or lick. But she decided to bite. Instinctively.

That’s what my grandfather E. would have done too. Bite into the ice. I always loved that about him. And I’ll always remember that about him too.

Je préfère mordre dans la glace,” (I prefer to bite into ice cream) he used to tell my brother B. and me with an amused expression on his face as he was biting into a cone of vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate, his favorite by far. It’s silly but that scene used to give us the giggles.

And inevitably, the three of us would end up sitting on the couch in my grandparents’ small dining room, with each of us biting into an ice cream cone while watching something on TV.

It was special.

Raspberry and peach popsicles

For 6 yogurt popsicles (small shot glasses or 6 small popsicle molds)

You need:

The raspberry coulis:

  • 1 cup raspberries
  • 3 tablespoons blond cane sugar
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • The peach and yogurt purée:

  • 1 1/2 cups plain whole milk yogurt
  • 2 large peaches, peeled and diced (6.5 oz once cleaned)
  • 1/4 cup blond cane sugar
  • 2 tablespoons apple juice
  • 1/2 tablespoon lime juice
  • Steps:

    • Place your shot glasses in the freezer.
    • To make the raspberry coulis: In a pot, combine the raspberries with the sugar and heat until the raspberries are soft. Transfer to the bowl of a food processor and purée finely. Strain to remove the seeds. Stir in the lime juice and let cool.
    • Pour the coulis in the glasses along the edges to describe a pattern and place in the freezer again.
    • To prepare the fruit purée: In a pot, combine the apple juice and sugar, and heat until the sugar is dissolved; let cool. In the bowl of a food processor, combine the yogurt, peaches, lime juice and apple juice. Purée to a fine texture; let cool.
    • Pour in the shot glasses. Place in the freezer again for about 30 minutes.
    • While the popsicles are still soft, insert the wooden sticks.
    • Place them in the freezer until they are fully set.
    • To serve, run the glass quickly under warm water to loosen the popsicle, then twist the wooden stick to release the popsicle from the glass.
    Le coin français
    Sucettes au yaourt glacé de pêches et framboises

    Pour 6 sucettes (petits verres à liqueur ou 6 petits moules)

    Ingrédients :

    Pour le coulis aux framboises :

  • 125 g de framboises
  • 3 càs de sucre de cane blond
  • 1 càs de jus de citron vert
  • Pour la purée de pêches au yaourt :

  • 375 g de yaourt nature au lait entier
  • 2 grosses pêches, pelées et coupées en gros dés (180 g nettoyées)
  • 50 g de sucre de cane blond
  • 2 càs de jus de pomme
  • 1/2 càs de jus de citron vert
  • Etapes :

    • Mettez les verres dans le congélateur.
    • Pour faire le coulis aux framboises: Dans une petite casserole, mélangez les framboises et le sucre, et faites chauffer jusqu’à ce que les framboises compotent. Transférez dans le bol de votre mixeur et réduisez en purée fine. Passez au chinois pour enlever les pépins et ajoutez ensuite le jus de citron vert. Laissez refroidir.
    • Sortez les verres du congélateur et versez le coulis à l’intérieur des verres, en prenant soin de bien répartir le coulis sur les bords intérieurs. Remettez les verres au congélateur pendant 15 minutes.
    • Pour préparer la purée de pêches :Dans une casserole, mélangez le jus de pomme avec le sucre. Faites chauffer jusqu’à ce que le sucre soit dissout. Dans le bol de votre mixeur, mélangez le yaourt et les pêches avec le sirop. Réduisez en purée fine. Ajoutez le jus de citron vert et laissez refroidir au frigo.
    • Versez cette purée dans le verres et remettez au congélateur pendant 30 minutes.
    • Insérez les bâtonnets en bois.
    • Remettez au congélateur jusqu’à ce que les sucettes soient prises.
    • Pour servir, faites rapidement couler un petit filet d’eau chaude autour de chaque verre. Tournez doucement le bâtonnet de manière à ce que la sucette se détache du verre.
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    1. Hi, we call these ice-pops, and they’re a lovely way to enjoy summer fruit at its best. Your photographs are inspirational, looking forward to your cook book

    2. Ils sont superbes ces popsicles ! Et les photos sont si rafraîchissantes !
      Ton histoire me rappelle mon père qui mords aussi dans les glaces… et les avalent en trois bouchées à peine !

      Et puis, j’ai justement acheté un magazine la semaine dernière où il y avait un dossier entier sur les popsicles (Ricardo magazine, au Canada)… avec ça et ta recette : je suis parée ! Merci !

    3. These are gorgeous, like everything you post 🙂 I love that you did these without fiddly popsicle maker equipment! That means I can make them without buying one of those contraptions, too, and they’ll work just fine.

    4. Such a wonderful post and story! This summer was my little girl’s first ice cream/popsicle experience as well. I love to watch kids’ expressions when they try something for the first time, their faces always express so much thought & wonder 🙂
      Thanks for sharing!

    5. Ms. Bea, You must have read my mind! I just clicked over to your blog after purchasing popsicle molds on amazon.com…and what a pleasant surprise to find the perfect popsicle recipe to try out!! Many thanks! –rose

    6. Great!!!!!!! I’ve been looking forward to finding a recipe for something sweet here for a while! 🙂

    7. SO gorgeous! I love all the bright and fresh colors in these pictures.

      I’m glad that Lulu liked them. Very cute!

    8. Stunning, mouthwatering photos. I love the accompanying cute story, though wince at the idea of biting into an ice lolly!

    9. Bea, quand viens tu faire un seminaire food styling/photography/cooking a Los Angeles?
      Viens vite, on t’attend!

    10. I like visiting your blog! So beautiful pictures with very interesting recipes. Amazing presentation again!

    11. Oh the pictures! Thank you for this summerish recipe. It has been an unusually hot summer here in Finland so we definitely need some cooling down! These are perfect.

    12. Oh magnifique ! C’est tout ce que je peux dire. À chaque fois, je m’émerveille devant ton travail. Merci

    13. You have such a gift for food and photography!
      I haven’t even attempted a recipe yet I still come back to this blog just to enjoy the photos, food and writing!

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    15. Hi, I love your photos, they´re gorgeous, one question. do you use only natural light? I´m learning food phptogtaphy and I would love to take pictures just like yours, they´re so bright and lovely!

    16. Gosh, this blog is absolutely gorgeous ! All the pictures are amazing, I don’t know why, but they moved me. Your use of colors is heavenly, and any glimpse of Lulu is like an appearance of a little angel.

    17. Thank you everyone.

      Marie-Anne, merci. C’est super gentil ! Je te prends au mot 😉

      Timloo, very kind. Thank you!

    18. WOW!!! These pictures are absolutely divine!!! and your attention to detail with the colours and this particular treat is simply nomlicious!!

      Thank you for sharing!!

      Bridget [Sydney, Australia]

    19. Spectacular … everything about the post! The connections, the memories, Lulu’s first popsicle, the colours… and the recipe too! WOW!!

    20. I can’t get over how beautiful your photos and words are. It’s always transporting when I visit your blog.

    21. Such lovely, romantic photos! Truly transporting. I can vividly see in my minds eye my son’s first taste of vanilla milkshake. The look or surprise and then elation as he figured out how to suck through a straw and got that first burst. Life comes down to this tiny joyful moments. …Susan

    22. Comme toujours c’est trop joli…!
      Je me permets juste une toute petite remarque sur les ingrédients de la recette : la cane est la femelle du canard…en revanche la canne à sucre me paraît plus adéquate…
      Merci pour votre passionnant travail.
      Bonjour de France.

    23. i am totally amazed by your photographs!! do you use all natural light or some is studio artificial lighting? they look great!!

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    32. I’ve never put glass in the freezer before. I noticed you used shot glasses. Have any broken? Can all shot glasses be placed in the freezer with liquids inside? Or did you get freezer shot glasses. And lastly, where did you get those shot glasses?


    33. Cynthia, the glasses were good in the freezer and I bought mine in France a long time ago, but I am sure it must be easy to find. Good luck with it