Pea risotto with basil and lemon

risotto peas basil lemon

Pea risotto with basil and lemon

Risotto. With green peas, basil and lemon.

It’s what Lulu and I will be having for lunch today. I am waiting for her to wake up from her nap to sit down at the table and eat.

Lulu, réveille-toi, maman a vraiment faim !” (Lulu, wake up, mummy is really hungry!)

One day, she’ll understand that risotto cannot wait–although P. argues that he *loves* when I reheat risotto.

So she’d better hurry and wake up soon!

Bon weekend à tous !

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  1. Hold a bowl of this risotto under my nose and I’d be awake in a flash! The peas and basil sound like such a fresh and simple combination.

  2. Qui pourrait résister à de tels parfums ! C’est incroyable le nombre de risotti nouveaux que j’ai pu essayer depuis 2 ans, et je ne m’en lassse pas.

  3. this sounds so good, especially on a freezing day like today. i really enjoy reheated risotto as well…

  4. Thank you!

    Dave, ahaha, well, I am a vegetable kind of girl, so here you are. But sure enough, a flavorful piece of meat would always be something nice to serve it with. I am thinking veal….

  5. I’ve always enjoyed this lovely combination of flavors.

    And if that bowl would’ve been in front of me, Lulu might have been pouting when she woke up.

  6. Is it terribly gauche of me to admit that I do quite like reheated risotto? I can’t help liking how it goes slightly drier and chewier (particularly in the microwave). I know, I know, this is all the antithesis of what a risotto should be… but it’s not like the fabulous flavours of peas, basil, and lemon would be lost, right? 🙂

  7. There is something just so delicious about the combination of peas and rice – they shouldn’t really go together, but they do!

  8. Oh, I totally understand! Risotto is my favourite dish. I’ve never tried it with lemon though.
    So Lulu, wake up, you will love it! 🙂

  9. Wow!! This is just so awesome. Love the use of Depth of Field.

    This Photograph is so Elegant. The one thing that I love about this photo is that, the subject is so simple and I eat it often, and yet the way you have presented it is wonderful.

    Tough Subject
    I think this subject is very tough. Except for the green peas, it does not have any specific shape or form. But you have used the depth of field so interestingly that it just changes everything.

    Bea, thank you for sharing this and teaching this to us.

  10. Is the recipe on your site? I couldn’t find it – I checked several times but it didn’t follow this post or say “read more” as a link either???

  11. Oh thats so dang cute-the cutest part of the post….my mommy wakes me jus like that too…..thats she’s hungry…out here its more like this..”baby,levante queridinha,estou com muito fome” or with a cuppa of cafe or chai in my fav little winnie de pooh muggy…..
    Your pic is so beautiful…..
    Am trying a feeble attempt at figuring out how u did it without the fantatic rissotto reflecting back……

  12. mmm, how lovely to wake up and see this on my screen. feeling inspired…

  13. That really makes me feel revived and refreshed, because in all its warm, cream goodness for comfort when it is so bone-chillingly cold outside, it makes me feel like springtime is just around the corner. Something to do with the vividly green peas and lemon combination!:)

  14. That really makes me feel revived and refreshed, because in all its warm, creamy goodness for comfort when it is so bone-chillingly cold outside, it makes me feel like springtime is just around the corner. Something to do with the vividly green peas and lemon combination!:)

  15. Don’t know about re-heating risotto, but sometimes the best part of having risotto is the “risotto-cake” next day 🙂

    I am addicted to the stuff…..

  16. p is right bea! here in italy we have what we call “risotto al salto”. saffron risotto reheat. if you advance some risotto you can prepare a sort of disc that you can fry (not deep frying, of course) in butter. no words to describe!

  17. inspired by this i am making a potato, pea and rice soup as we speak. my mom used to make for us all the time when we were kids. with lots of parsley and raw olive oil on top. sometimes even a poached egg. beautiful and i’m sure Lulu loved it, who wouldn’t!

  18. Risotto with peas is one of my favourites. Basil and lemon just make it smell like spring. Given that I spent the day playing with the snow… Will spring ever come? Thanks for the beautiful picture and swett moment shared with us!

  19. Just looking at the title I read “Pear risotto with basil and lemon”, which would be very nice too (as a sweet one or savoury with parmesan or some more robust cheesem like goat or taleggio). Then I saw the picture and realized my mistake.

  20. how lovely… this is one of my first visits to your site and I am reminded of a risotto I once had with peas, asparagus, lemon, and mascarpone – whenever I make risotto I am always rushing everyone to the table as well – I know they find me fussy, but there is an art to achieving that delicate creaminess and it is quite sad for it to not be lapped up in all of its perfection! Your photos are inspiring.

  21. Woooh, quelle magnifique photo ! Le plat a dû être sublime… J’espère que tu auras le temps de poster la recette, j’aimerais vraiment être capable de faire ce plat qui semble si goûteux et fondant…

  22. Wow, what a nice risotto, looks absolutely delicious, creamy and so tasty. Nice picture as well 🙂

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  24. Great picture of the risotto. I tried risotto, served with mixed seafood, for the first time over the Christmas holidays at an Italian restaurant and it was very tasty.

    Your recipe looks fairly easy to make, not to mention much lighter and economical!

  25. Many thanks everyone. I hope to be able to post the recipe. Still deep working into my cookbook manuscript at the moment! So hopefully I will have more time soon.

  26. What a delightful combination – just the idea of your combination of lemon basil and peas is titillating my sense. I can’t wait to try it. And by the way, I also find there’s something very comforting about reheated risotto …

  27. I think Lulu will probably soon realize what a wonderful cook her mum is so she will be eagerly waiting for whatever is prepared for lunch… This looks gorgeous!

  28. Yum, I love risotto – your daughter is very lucky to grow up in a home where she gets served delicious home-made food! 🙂

  29. This looks so easy and delicious. I would love for my 16-month old to have this for lunch. Thanks for the inspiring idea! Left you an award on my blog 😉

  30. This risotto looks so delicious! Could you please post the recipe? I would be most grateful. Thank you.

  31. Sorry everyone for not yet posting the recipe. And thanks for coming to say hello and leaving a comment. I am simply *so* busy right now with my book…..hope to be able to write again soon!

  32. Beautiful & fresh! It is decided now, this is what we will be haivng for dinner. I just found your blog and love it! I will be back again and again ~LeslieMichele

  33. You are sweet to wait and eat with your daughter. More often than not, my hunger trumps everything. (I love reheated risotto, too…)

  34. This made it to our table tonight with dinner. My little one ate more of this than almost any solid food she has tried thus far! It was a very pleasant surprise!

  35. Can someone please send me the recipe for this? I can’t find the link. Just the photo.
    Thank you!!

  36. Jen, that’s so nice! I am really happy to hear!
    Jacqueline, I have not yet posted the recipe. I am short on time these days. Sorry!

  37. this looks fabulously good, gonna make it next week!
    thanks for sharing, bon appétit!
    un des petits belges 😉

  38. Now that looks like a good risotto. I have been looking for a good recipe like this. Risotto just adds that extra something you need when its dinner time.

  39. reminds me of a popular hungarian garnish called “rizibizi”, which is kind of a nickname made up of ‘rice’ and ‘peas’. traditionally it’s sprinkled with fresh parsley when served, but this rizotto seems even fresher 🙂

  40. I am a bit late coming to this post, but I find this risotto very inspiring.. I am thinking of making it with some basil mint, I am always trying to find new ways to use this prolific herb.

  41. Have just made this…smells delicious!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  42. This recipe is perfect for all the basil I have been growing all summer long. I am going to give this a try. Hopefully it looks a great as it does above.

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