Giving to Haïti

I was looking at my baby girl and started to feel tears in my eyes. She was playing with her music box, unaware that I was observing her. I felt thankful. And so lucky. To have her. To be sitting in the comfort of our home. To have food and everything we need. Us. Our family together.

I had just watched pictures of Haïti. Pages of them, the ones more painful to look than the others. It was hard to imagine that this natural catastrophe had happened. That it is real. And that it’s leaving a country already destituted in an even more precarious state . I don’t think that it’s possible to even start to imagine what it must be like. Awful. Once again, it shows how fragile life can be, and how one second will never look like the previous one.

So when I take food and water — and medical care — for granted, the Haitian population is struggling for their basic vital needs.

Words weigh little if there aren’t gestures. Anything we do to help can make a difference.

I personally chose to donate to Unicef so that food is sent to children who are always so much more vulnerable. Many other donation organizations exist, and other bloggers have shown wonderful support, to only name a few.

Thank you for any help you can give too.

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  1. what you are doing is wonderful and heart warming! I love that everyone is getting behind this and making a difference in the people of Haiti’s lives!

  2. Beautiful post and lovely sentiment. It’s good to see so many people getting involved.

  3. Giving is so important. And every little bit helps. Look at how much the Red Cross has raised by folks sending texts messages just $10 at a time. Thank you so much for giving.

  4. “It shows how fragile life can be, and how one second will never look like the previous one…”.
    Yes, I’m totally agree with you. We have to do something…

  5. Brava to you for reaching out. We as bloggers should use our reach to readers to spread the news and help the people of Haiti.

  6. Wonderful Ninja, thank you!


    I am not setting the picture solely for this post. I happened to have it, it meant something to me, and it’s really about how you look at it.

  7. Lovely post, very sensitive…Nothing should be taken for granted, indeed. And we should all help people who need us.

  8. je ne peux plus voir ces images terribles, ce pays qui est une fois de plus touché, toutes les familles en France venues de Haïti ou ces parents adoptifs qui attendent leur petit et n’ont pas de nouvelles. je donne tous les mois à Médecins du monde, un prélèvement automatique mensuel, pas beaucoup mais de quoi vacciner une vingtaine d’enfants, d’acheter des antibiotiques…Il ne faudra pas les oublier dans 6 mois, dans 1 an ou dans 5 ans

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  10. Thank you for choosing to donate to UNICEF. As a proud staff member of this organization I can assure you that the funds will be well allocated and will help improve the lives of women and children in Haiti. Thanks again.

  11. Thank you for devoting your space to such an important message. The news is just heartbreaking.

  12. A reminder and a note of gratitude for what we take for granted is always appreciated. As a flight attendant, I am a UNICEF Champion for Children through our Change for Good program at my airline. It is amazing how so little can make such a huge difference.

    Thank you…..Diane

  13. This is so important, and it’s great you’ve posted it. We’ve started a food blogger effort to raise money for Haiti called Stir It 28. Hope you’ll check it out!

  14. Bea, Thank you so much for putting this in your blog. It is so important that we help the Haitians right now. And they need so much! God bless you, dear one!

  15. I just love your website! And looks like you have farm fresh eggs! Just as i do!

  16. Just wanted to say again that this is still one of the most delicous receipes i ever made 🙂 still love it.