Autumnal butternut squash crumble — Crumble d’automne à la courge musquée

butternut squash savory crumble

Butternut squash crumble for the Boston Globe

Fall is definitely my favorite season in New England. Beside the beautiful colorful foliage that cheers up the country and city parks, there are winter squashes. Butternut, acorn, red kuri, pumpkin. Oh, there are so many of them, in so many original shapes and attractive colors! I am always waiting for this time of year to bring them to our dinner table–at least twice a week, most likely more. Lulu, too, approves.

This recipe is a good example. It’s a savory crumble that I created for the Boston Globe Food section. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Take a sweet crumble and replace the sugar with cheese, spice and herbs, and the fruit with vegetables and more cheese. Variants are endless, and this one is only one of the many savory crumbles that I enjoy to prepare.

Think about it as a side dish for your Thanksgiving dinner. Something new and distinctive to bring to the table to surprise your guests.

Follow the link here for the recipe.

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  1. I’m with you – I absolutely adore fall and all of its flavors. There’s been a squash roasting in my oven every day for the past two weeks! What a great idea to turn them into a savory crumble…with a lovely salad, this would be my dinner. and lunch. and breakfast.

  2. Interesting…to make the crumble topping do you use oats or just flour? I think oats would be good. Here in New Zealand they use a ton of winter squashes and kumara (a type of sweet potato). Your recipe idea would work extremely well here.


  3. Thank you for giving me a good butternut squash recipe. I was running out of ideas!

  4. butternut squash is my favorite. (acorn squash may be the close second.) it’s always good to get a new recipe.

  5. i am so in love with all the pictures in you flickr’s profile!
    thanks for sharing what the other side of the world looks like:)

    my friend cooked this for me once.
    This is not really a dessert here in Malaysia.
    Sometimes we eat this for tea:)

    take care and good job with the photos:)

  6. lovely!

    more ideas for dinner but here in Singapore, we don’t come across butternut squash too often sadly. will there be a difference if i were to replace the squash with pumpkin, normal pumpkin?

    thanks bea!


  7. I’m envious of the amazing fall color you’re getting – we don’t get too much of that in San Francisco. The butternut squash looks amazing, I always love your photographs!

  8. Lovely! I am a huge fan of butternut, you’ve just provided me with a new way to enjoy it!

  9. I love baking traditionally sweet things with butternut squash– last night I made a savory clafoutis with sage, caramelized shallots, and chunks of roasted butternut. The crumble is a fabulous idea, and I’m sure I’ll be making yours soon.

  10. About how many ounces of squash do you use in the recipe? I have about a pound leftover from last night’s dinner and I’d love to make this crumble over the weekend!

  11. Katie, it’s 2 pounds of butternut squash once it’s peeled and seeded.

  12. this is just perfect!!! i just harvested the last of the butternut squash( about 30 of them) and been trying to think of what to do wi th them all. yesterday was a pizza, the day before a soup! your recipe is perfect just the type of things i like to eat!!! now what to do with a hundred pumpkins:)

  13. Oh wow! this is beautiful! I love savoury twists of classic sweet dishes. Congratulations on another stunning and original dish!

  14. Dear Bea,

    Bravo for another splendid post again!!

    Anyway, I’ve just passed an award on to you. Feel free to come and pick it up over on my blog if you’d like to:

    Btw, I’ve been following your blog for almost three years! Keep it up, man!

    Cheers from Malaysia!

  15. Oh, that was you! I saw this in the paper and thought it looked wonderful!

  16. Thanks for the numbers, Bea. I made it this weekend — it was DIVINE!

  17. how perfect! i ll try this one too..recently i made one of your recipies and it was a great success! 🙂
    it was an apple cake with cinnamonand a cream on top.
    (excuse my english)

  18. Hello LaTartineGourmande! Un petit mot pour te dire que tes belles photos donnent très envie et que j’organise un concours Recettes. Le thème: Ultra-Simples et Ultra-Bonnes. La dead-Line: le 1er Décembre. Les trois meilleures recettes seront revues en version illustrée par mes soins et dédicacées. J’espère ta participation à l’aventure! Eudoxie

  19. What a beautiful crumble! Ive always dropped by to look at your photographs. they are just gorgeous…and of course the food too!

  20. I have pounced upon many delicious, butternut squash recipes in my day.

    But here’s one that almost got away. And it looks and sounds very good and very satisfying.

  21. if things fall into place and i have this baby before thanksgiving, i might have to make this as a side dish for the Thanksgiving dinner we have been invited to. looks amazing!

  22. L’automne en Nouvelle Angleterre, ça me laisse rêveuse… Et puis cette bonne recette, surtout que moi j’adore la courge butternut, elle fait envie elle aussi !

  23. what a wonderful recipe, healthy and delicious, my kind of food, well done! cheers from london

  24. hi bea, wanted to let you know in about five minutes i will be enjoying your butternut crumble for the second time in a few days!! thank you, will definitely make this over and over again!

  25. New England is one of the best places to be to experience the Fall colors that’s for sure.
    I love the idea of a squash crumble-so inventive.

  26. Please, could you send me it in french, what cheese do you recommand?
    Thanck you…

  27. I love a good crumble! Great blog and wonderful recipe ideas. I teach on a few cookery Holidays around the world and I will definitely be recommending this blog to my students.

  28. Florence,

    I’ll try to translate it as soon as possible!

    Thanks James!

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  30. I made your crumble for Thanksgiving and it got rave reviews. I was skeptical about all the cheese and scaled back on it a little, but to my surprise the finished product was not cheesy at all. It would not have occurred to me to pair tomato and red onion with winter squash, but the flavors blended together in intriguing and sophisticated ways. Thanks for a beautiful recipe; I’ll be making it again for a potluck at work.

  31. Bea…again you’ve done a wonderful job. These photos are amazing and Lulu is as beautiful as ever. You continue to inspire me to be a better cook.

    I hope you have a very Happy Holiday with the ones you love.

    All the best,
    Jeni….your friend from your cranberry tour…..

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  33. Un vrai Delice avec un grand D.

    Je n’avais pas de noix mais un melange graines de courges/graines de tournesol/noix de cajou et c’etait vraiment bon.

    J’ai servi ca en plat principal accompagne d’une salade mesclun avec une vinaigrette a l’huile de pepins de courge. Fantastique!

    A refaire!

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