Traveling home

I think you know where I am…


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  1. bonne maman makes yogurt? yum. europe really knows it’s yogurt. whenever i’m in switzerland i load the fridge with all of my favorites. bonnes vacances!

  2. oh que oui je crois deviner… mais je ne vends pas la mèche ! ! ! je sais dans quel pays on mange des yaourts et confitures bonne maman et presque même, je pourrai dire que les blés qui viennent d’être ramassés présagent du sud de ce pays même 😉

  3. The last photo looks like one of my favorite van Gogh paintings! So serene and bucolic…



  4. OH!! I wish I were there! The gorgeous photos don’t help lessen the desire! ; ) Another summer where it just wouldn’t have worked out… maybe next year. I really do keep hoping and trying to get there… BIG *sigh*… Have a wonderful trip and homecoming! Cherries or no, I’m certain many wondrous delights await you!

    bonnes vacances!


  5. Je ne savais pas que Bonne Maman faisait des yaourts… Moi aussi, quand je rentre en Europe, je fais un raid sur les produits laitiers! Bon séjour!

  6. I saw the pictures and thought, “Where’d she get that yogurt in the states?”

    Glad you hear your stocking up while enjoying les vacances…

  7. Ouch!

    Why did you do that to us? How can I look at those beautiful images and stay at work today. You’re a nasty person. But I love it!

  8. Tu es dans notre beau pays :o) Je comprends que les gens nous envient nos paysages quand on voit tes photos… PS : Moi auss j’adore les pots de yaourts, sont trop mignons !

  9. Bonne Maman yogurt! Sounds delicious. So glad your on vacation. Can’t wait to hear about Lulu’s first trip abroad. Have a wonderful time!

  10. Does anyone know if the Bonne Maman yogurt is available in the US?

  11. Sounds like a familiar landscape! I haven’t tried these yogurts, my come back to France was too short. Enjoy your “trip”!

  12. Yes Bea, I know right where you are! We were in France for 15 days and returned 3 weeks ago. We wish we were back there. Your photos are wondferful and make me smile. We love travelling in France. Kent took 2000 photos on our trip and many will end up on my blog soon. Have a fantastic trip and share lots with us all!

  13. Hello everyone,

    Many thanks for your notes and words. To my knowledge, these yogurts are not available in the States, or at least where I live. I too was surprised to find Bonne Maman making yogurts, hence I bought a pack to see what they were like. I must say, it’s the packaging idea that sold them to me!

  14. Have a wonderful wonderful time at home!
    We are heading to France in a few weeks time to see family too!

  15. Suddenly I want a yogurt. A French yogurt. To eat in a meadow on a lazy summer day with a pitcher of raspberry lemonade and a chiffon scarf.

    I think I’ve been working too hard at school! (I’m a culinary school student.)


  16. Une fois mangé, on a envie de réutiliser ces petits pots ‘Bonne Maman’ !
    On peut refaire mille et une petites crèmes dedans, ils sont trop mignons et comme toujours tes photos sont magiques… Profites bien de tes vacances chez toi…

  17. Ils sont trop mignons ces petits pots… on a envie de vite les manger pour faire mille et une petites crèmes dedans… Bonne vacances chez toi !

  18. Your first picture is probablly, no surely my favorite ever….The people from Bonne Maman should fight over it for their own ads…or are they already? 🙂