A happy moment

red currants fruit summer groseilles rouges

I’ll have to tell you about that too before the season is over.

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  1. and I love all the light flooding the photo and reflecting off those delicious berries. yay for happy moments!

  2. Love the red and white currants! It will be quite tart, early cherries and currants… 🙂

  3. This looks like a truly happy moment! What delicious looking berries…definitely put a smile on my face too!

  4. love the ring! and of course, the cherries look fantastic.. I’m so intrigued with what you are going to tell us….. is the book done???

  5. Jescel,

    Ahah, book done? Well first part is, but I am in the revision phase 😉 So still more to go…..

  6. Oh, fresh currants are such a treat – I was surprised by a friend this morning, who brought me a bowl full from her garden! I love the way they *POP* in your mouth! This photo brings a smile to my face – I think you should repost this in the dead of winter as a reminder of summer’s bounty and warmth and life. Thanks for sharing such a gem!

  7. I havent seen these cherries before either..its not easy to find in Kuwait markets.. and if you do .. currants can cost your $10 dollars for a tiny little box that fits your palm!

  8. Hi! I love this site! Everything is beautifully done…photographs, recipes, family news…just absolutely, positively lovely!

    I have to say as well that I’m in love with your ring! Where, oh, where might I find a similar one? thanks!

  9. Your photos are simply DIVINE!!!!!!!
    I love the way you express yourself and tell about moments of love and happiness. Keep it up!!!
    Greetings from Rio de Janeiro.

  10. Precious your photos. I congratulate to you.
    From Chile and by far affection to all the equipment.