Shrimp in coconut milk broth

shrimp coconut milk broth boston globe

Shrimp in Coconut Milk Broth for the Boston Globe

It’s a good thing that I am still able to make dishes like this for dinner these days. Even better when they go in the Boston Globe, and well, you can enjoy them too.

P. and I like Asian food. A lot. Anything cooked in a broth made of coconut milk, barely cooked vegetables like snap peas, lots of coriander and lime juice, and big fat shrimps to go with it. Served with rice on the side. Even better the next day, especially if you are tight for time and you are hungry for lunch — like me, every day!

Well, you can read the rest. The recipe is easy and tasty.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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  1. Love all your Globe recipes, this one looks especially good. Can’t believe your cookbook is almost finished, already! Still waiting for the carrot-hazelnut cake recipe. Maybe it will be in your book? Looking forward to someday putting it on my bookshelf. All the best, Béa.

  2. As always, this looks beautiful, Bea.

    I would go out an make this pronto but there is just one little problem…

    I am allergic to shellfish.

    Life isn’t not fair.


  3. I ate these in an Indonesian restaurant and they were fabulous! Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to try it. (and the photo is fabulous too!)

  4. Hi Bea,
    This looks divine! Those are some of my favorite flavors as well. Thanks for posting this, for those of us who don’t regularly read the Boston papers.

  5. Perfect! I’m on a Thai-shrimp-dish kick, though I believe we just hit the end of the season here on the Gulf Coast. Now I just have to find where to buy lemongrass!

  6. I have some coconut milk in the fridge, and I never know how to use it… I’m just not used to cook with this. I guess this will change, after seing your recipe! Thanks!

  7. WAaaaa, this is one of my comfort food…
    Usually I add tumeric for the colour and the earthy smell.
    u can use fresh one (blended) or powder (just a pinch).
    The picture was gorgeous. I’m definitely gonna make this one tonite..

  8. Never used coconut milk but this recipe looks so yummy that I think I should try! Wonderful picture 🙂

  9. Un de mes plats favoris! Puis-je te demander où tu as trouvé tes couverts noirs (en plastique?). Bonne journée!

  10. Même si j’ai fait quelque chose de très semblable récemment, je crois bien que je vais me laisser tenter par tes crevettes!

  11. I make a similar recipe – it is just so tasty and easy! Looking forward to your book 🙂

  12. Nice photo! This is one of those recipes that make me smile. Because I’m Asian, this is a common fare in our home. We are blessed with sooo many coconuts, we can just go to the market everyday to have coconut milk squeezed fresh everyday. It’s thick and has that nice natural sweetness.

  13. J’ai vu cette recette in une blog italienne réecemment.
    J’adore le noix de coco… Avec le lime c’est magnific.
    Super belle photo!

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  15. i was able to find my way to the recipe on the boston globe (though not directly with your link provided), made the recipe — it was delicious! — and bookmarked it, but now when i try to use the link, it leaves out the ingredients and part of the instructions! where can i find the recipe again?

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