1. This is one of the most beautiful photos of spring I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  2. Bea, I love your blog. And I sort of feel like my life is the mirror image of yours in some ways. I am an American art director/designer living in Milan, Italy. I’m married to an Italian, and I have two girls, like yours, growing like weeds. We vacation in Bourgogne every summer, so France plays a major part in my life. Your blog makes me feel at home. The mixture of cultures, languages, and of course, the sensitivity to beauty and color, food and design. In France over Easter, I too took pictures of fruit tree blossoms in our tiny garden. Prunes and pears. So beautiful. Thank you so much for this blog. Oh, before I forget: I made your brioches, two batches! Yummy! What can I do with the leftover?

  3. Je constate qu’il est plus avancé que chez nous. Ici, on commence à peine à voir les bourgeons, et même pas de tous les arbres! Mais c’est magnifique quand même!

  4. Thank you everyone! 😉

    Charlotte, thanks for your sweet note. Your life offers a nice combination of cultures indeed. As to the brioche, so happy you liked the recipe. For leftovers, try these ones. We LOVE brioche pudding around here.

  5. J’ai aussi fait durant Pâques les photos du printemps…billet qui sortira demain pour une pause blog….J’ai eu de la chance, car c’était rapide pour les photos…2 jours plus tard, il n’y avait plus rien…Bonne semaine Béa

  6. J’ai aussi fait des photos du printemps, billet qui sortira demain…c’était magique et rapide, car deux jours plus tard, il n’y avait déjà plus rien…Bonne semaine Béa

  7. Marvellous picture! You so lucky… here in Italy we had a couple of days of spring and then the “fall” returned with rain and clouds and cold…
    Hoping well for the next week!

  8. Fantastic photo — What is the plant? Hawthorn? Apple tree? Something smaller, like a shrub? Just curious —

  9. Could you tell me which camera you are using for this amazing pictures?

  10. For twice I was lucky to be in Europe by Spring and how lovely it was. You are lucky to have the Seasons well difined cause here in Brasil it is hard to tell wich is the season besides Summer and Winter. Btw, your pictures are always fabulous. I love them all.

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