Weekend Baking — Pâtisserie du weekend

hazelnut ricotto lemon cake

Because weekends are meant for us to relax, and prepare for happy times.

There needs to be baking time set aside. Try it, you will like this soothing moment, especially as the smell of your baked goods diffuses in the entire house.



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  1. Baking baking! What a clue to the kind of weather we’re all having. I spent the weekend baking three different cakes for a baby shower, what fun, one of which is your delicious looking yogurt lemon cake from a bit ago. I’ll tell you how everyone enjoyed it, I’m sure they will. Hoorah! I love using yogurt , butter milk or sour cream in baking, don’t you?

  2. Hello ! I don’t speak English very well, but ..
    Your blog is beautiful, very very beautiful ! I love It !
    And your foto are especialy .. heu .. beautiful (too) (Renversantes ?)
    I love too baking on weekend, but.. It’s exams soon for mee, so I’m studiying 🙂

  3. Non mais c’est pas humain de nous laisser avec un sublime cliché de tes petits gâteaux sans nous en donner la recette!!!
    J’aime bien remplacer le beurre par des fromages italiens type ricotta ou mascarpone dans les petits gâteaux , ils sont bien plus léger et digestes. J’espère que bébé aussi apprécie;)

  4. The smell of baked goods makes everybody smile.

    Anticipation on friends faces, how is ti going to taste, will I get a second piece?

    It’s all worth it.

  5. you Inspired me, baked two caramel brownies, five banana breads (two with coconut), and chocolate chip cookies. Most are off to Iraq and Afghanistan tomorrow (at least the cookies and brownies, banana bread can’t quite make it). Pls give us the recipe and the “lost recipe” from this summer. that you found. thanks

  6. Bea.where are the recipes for the soup and the hazelnut cakes?

  7. Quand la cuisine devient une détente, pourquoi ne pas en profiter! Cela est, comme tu le dis si bien, tellement “rewarding”!

  8. Where is the receipt for hazelnut and ricotta cakes? They look good.

    Can I get on the list to test cook from your new book?