Crete’s Lingering Summer — L’été qui se prolonge en Crête

Resting and Reading in the House

There has not been much of any email connection for us over the last ten days. I had actually forgotten what it feels like to be on a dial-up line.

We’ve now left Crete. P. is back home while I arrived in France yesterday. I have much to show you, and will need some time before I am able to share my treasures with you. But it will come in its own timing.

Crete and Greece?

We had such a lovely time. This trip kept all the things we wanted, and it feels really good to come back from a vacation rested.

So my friends, I will be back soon.

crete greece mountains

In Crete, Greece
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  1. so happy you were able to enjoy your adventure, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. Hi Bea,
    Welcome back!
    Yes, it always feel great come back home after vacation, isn’t it?

    Anyway, I love starring at the photos. I can see how relaxing your vacation was. Looking forward for your great story!

  3. Ca a l’air magnifique la Crete! Il me tarde de voir le reste des photos! Bon sejour en France!

  4. Oh ! It’s not the same weather as in Dundee, Scotland 😉
    Mmmm… wonderful pictures !

  5. I cannot wait to hear about your trip and see some gorgeous pictures, we missed you these ten days 🙂

  6. Just got back from France and busy trying to master the art of three ingredients..egg whites, icing sugar and ground almonds..macarons..LOL..maybe you can check this out while there..the recipes from the Macaron cookbook I purchased is in grams and French..The french is not a problem although the grams is!!

  7. des vacances reposantes = excellent programme !!! il est vrai que parfois nos vacances sont tellement occupees de choses interessantes qu’a la fin, le repos est passe en derniere position 🙂
    Welcome back et dommage que ne n’ayons pas pu ns rencontrer a Boston, debut aout !

  8. Marilyn, just put into the Google search bar what you want to know, for instance, “2/3 cup sugar = how many grams,” or four ounces = how many grams,” etc. Then hit search, and your answer will come up. It’s even faster than using online converters.

  9. Crete is high on my list for my next vacation, so I am so thankfully looking forward to your future posts.

  10. I always love your posts and can’t wait to get you back to your computer. God bless and keep you safe on your trip. Enjoy yourself! We’ll be waiting.