Traveling from France to Boston — Entre la France et Boston

Boston in Spring

The reality is that I took the pictures you see above three weeks ago, the day we left for our trip to Europe — and I am glad I did. I came back Thursday night, tired and jet-lagged, to find back a gray sky with lots of rain. What a change from the summery weather we had in Italy and France! A few days ago, Paris felt like the middle of summer, I swear, and the Lorraine countryside at my parents’ felt like a slice of paradise where to rest: I even noticed that I came back tanned, probably from too many hours spent napping in the long chair under the cherry trees!

So perhaps these pictures will help getting over the fact that our weekend here will be wet and much colder.
Now I need to get back on my feet and find the way to the kitchen again. For some natural reason, I am craving green spring vegetables!

And don’t ask me why, sushi too!

france lorraine

My village in France in spring
Apple Tree at my parents’ house in Lorraine

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  1. J’habite tout peès de la Lorraine (en Alsace), je sais donc comme c’est beau!
    J’attends les prochaines recettes (les tartelettes fraise-rhubarbe… mmmh ,)

  2. Should I say “welcome home” or “welcome back?” Not sure which is home for you – Lorraine or Boston…

  3. Hey Bea,

    Nice pictures. I think you are not only good at food photography but also good at travel photography. By the way, I think you have some dust on your sensor because you have some black dot on the blue sky.

  4. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL your site is my absolute favourite. I cannot describe how looking at your pictures makes me feel (but it is similar to when I cook…)

  5. Comme il a fait beau c’est vrai, mais pour te rassurer, à présent, il pleut !
    J’aurais du rentrer chez ma mère ce week end, respirer l’air pur et apprécier ces naissances et essences florales, ces couleurs verdoyantes. Pluie ou pas.

  6. Pour moi tu vois Béa, c’est le sens contraire. J’ai fait Boston et le nord de l’Amérique l’année dernière et j’en garde un merveilleux souvenir.C’était un retour aux sources par mon grand-père qui à vécu à Cleveland dans l’Ohio. Tu parles de la Lorraine..tu es d’ou???? Etant moi-même de la Moselle et habitant aujourd’hui Strasbourg. Zou à bientôt de tes nouvelles…avec plaisir.

  7. Your trip sounded and looked lovely!
    the sun is out- a little rainy yesterday morning but now Boston sun!!!!

  8. Un viaje maravilloso y con unas fotografías excelentes. Soy una admiradora de tu blog, tienes unas recetas buenísimas y unas fotos insuperables. Me gustaría saber cómo has añadido el icono de Style Feeder al blog. Muchas gracias. Ana

  9. Lovely as always, Bea! Here in Chicago, it also can’t decide whether to be seasonably warm or as chilly as March. Hope you get your sushi!

  10. Apple Tree at my parents’ house in Lorraine – that looks so inviting! I be under that tree in a minute. Think we’ve turned the summer corner here, headed to HOT.

  11. thank you for taking me on such a great escape ever time i visit your site. your trip overseas looks wonderful and as always your photos make me feel like i am right there. as for sushi look me up the next time you’re in vancouver and i’ll make sure your cravings are satisfied.

  12. Absolutely lovely pictures….. I look longingly at them! My mother is from Lorraine, notably La Meuse… very under-appreciated region of France but a lot to offer in beauty and gastronomy!

  13. Hello hello everyone,

    many many thanks, as usual. It’s taking me longer than expected to emerge. Hang in there. I am hanging in there too!

    David, those haricots verts had been chopped, what are the French thinking??

  14. Coucou Bea,
    Et oui, quand je vois la météo, moi aussi je regrette d’avoir quitté l’Alsace pour Boston, et attends avec impatience que les températures remontent enfin!

  15. Ton blog est une veritable merveille! Quel plaisir… What a joy for all the senses! Fabulous! Thanks!

  16. Hello, these are beautiful photos. What camera you used to shoot these photos?? Thanks for the reply….

  17. Béa, welcome home! There is always so much to catch up on when you return home from a long vacation. Still, I can’t wait for your next post! It most surely will be a feast for the senses. I do have a question for you, perhaps you can help me out if you can spare a minute. I love your gluten-free recipes, very tasty. If I wanted to use gluten-free flours in your chocolate and matcha tea cake, what combination would you recommend? Maybe brown rice and amaranth flours? Thanks for your time.

  18. Thanks again everyone!

    Valerie Jeanne, merci for your nice note. In regards to the gluten free flours for the cake I suggest a combination of brown rice flour, with quinoa and amaranth. Why don’t you try:

    120 g brown — or white — rice flour
    30 g quinoa flour (keeps baked good moist)
    30 g amaranth flour

    I will test myself. I also recently used teff flour. Quite delicious and successful! Good luck!

  19. Béa, thank you soooo much for the quick response! I will try this recipe this week. Thanks again.

  20. valerie hoffman maine valerie hoffman florida

    Valerie is making this recipe on her new tv show coming out this Val-we love ya Val!!