Meeting Guy Martin from Le Grand Véfour — La rencontre de Guy Martin, du Grand Véfour

grand vefour sensing guy martin paris restaurant

Guy Martin, photo courtesy of Pat Greenhouse from the Boston Globe; food pictures from Le Grand Véfour official website

I am not sure whether I realize yet how lucky I was when two weeks ago, I sat down in an office in the North End in Boston to chat with Guy Martin, three-star michelin chef of historic Le Grand Véfour in Paris, and his charming wife. I obviously have to thank Sheryl Julian, my editor at the Boston Globe, who kindly asked if I would like to interview him.

Guy Martin was in Boston to talk about the opening of his new restaurant, Sensing, a restaurant similar to the one he has in Paris by the same name. The full article, “A top chef from Paris finds Boston to his taste“, can be read by following the link here.

We spent a delightful moment. Guy is a culinary artist bubbling with creativity. His love for beautiful and healthy food is obvious and nice to watch. I cannot wait for Sensing restaurant Boston to open.

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  1. Bea-great to see that your work for the Globe is going so well! I’m telling my Boston friends to be sure to check for your articles!

  2. L’hôtel serait pas un Hyatt faisant face à la Baie de Boston ? Tu as eu bien de la chance en tout cas !

  3. Un chef qui visiblement a eu chaud dans la prochaine edition du Mich….Je n’ai pas la chance de connaitre sa cuisine, mais cela ne devrait plus tarder…

  4. Wow, you are lucky! It’s so exciting that he chose to come to Boston. I must go to his restaurant next time I’m there. Boston does not get enough credit for being a wonderful food and restaurant city.

  5. Well deserved, bea! And a well written interview, too. This is just the begining. I can “sense” it!

  6. many thanks everyone! I am glad you enjoyed it, I hope as much as I enjoyed meeting Guy.
    By the way Mercotte, yes I know he is a savoyard. We, of course, talked about la belle montagne. We could not let this go by!

  7. I dined at CRISTAL ROOM BACCARAT restaurant in Paris. I am truly surprised that Guy Martin accepts to cook in a restaurant where you have mice in the dining room while the food is served. What guarantees can we get to be sure that the kitchen is not infected too and mice are walking all over the place??? it is really disgusting!