The week has been long. Has it been for you too? I am just wrecked. And while some people prefer a glass of wine — perhaps you — others like dessert.

Moi ?

Both. Preferably in the open air. Let’s say, it would be nice at the top of a mountain in the snow.

Really! I mean it.

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  1. I live in Colorado, where such a thing is possible and sometimes required. A crisp, cold white wine. A dessert kept warm, surrounded by hot towels in a small ice chest. Let me out of here. Time to get to the mountains!

  2. Funny my week flew by, not that I wouldn’t still love to join you and your dessert, wine and snowy mountain. Can you believe we have snowy mountains already and single digits?!!

  3. Bon week-end, profites-en bien ! Pour moi aussi, la prescription c’est un bol de grand air….

  4. How funny! I just had a long week myself, and I just wrote a post called “Indulging.” It was about dessert — although to indulge myself, I usually prefer the glass of wine approach.

  5. When I am wrecked, what I love most of all is to curl up in bed with a cookbook!

    I have to say that I love your site, and your photography is amazing.

  6. Je ne sais pas si il faut mettre le commentaire en Français ou en Anglais, je tente en français ! Super blog et cette recette est à retenir !

  7. I feel the same way… it seems like there was a lot going on this week. But this tart looks amazing!

  8. I like your philosophy. Cake or a glass or wine? I take both! 🙂
    Les photos sont absolument magnifique!

  9. Premier passage sur ce blog qui est juste magnifique!bravo,Marie

  10. Alone they are both great–but like you say, together…absolutely divine! So much sweet indulgence. *Love*

  11. I would definitely go for both dessert and wine. But if someone offers me only one of those indulgements at a time, I can still live with that. Gorgeous photo as usual. 🙂 It screams delicious!

  12. I just returned from a ski-weekend which I spent on Kopaonik, a beautiful mountain in Serbia near Kosovo. I prefer think about your beautiful dessert or glass of wine, then about situation on Balkan.

  13. Oui, la semaine fut dure, le weekend aussi. J’espere que celle-ci sera meilleure, et t’apportera plein d’oxygene (et pas seulement de jolis desserts).

  14. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog…it means a lot coming from someone with a blog as nice as yours…your photos and writings are amazing! I am definitely going to put you on my blogroll!

  15. Chocolat et framboises : une douceur faite pour moi!! Mais où est la recette?
    Je profite de ce commentaire pour dire que je trouve tes photos magnifiques, tes recettes originales et alléchantes. J’adore ton blog, il est dans mon top 3! Surtout, continue!!
    PS : un livre est-il prévu?

  16. That dessert is enough to make one’s troubles fade away. On top of a mountain? Hmmm, that thought is quite proivocative, but I live hours away from the nearest proper mountain, so the dessert will have to be factored into a slightly longer trip.

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