Lime Mousse and Apple Tartlet — Tartelette à la mousse au citron vert et aux pommes

Lime Mousse and Apple Tartlet

I’ve just come for a few minutes in-between projects to tell you something. After experimenting with flours again, white rice with quinoa and cornstarch combined this time, I’ve created an amazingly good sweet crust — gluten-free. I am so excited that I had to stop by and tell someone else — you — beside P. who gets to know everything anyway! I feel like a scientist who has just discovered something totally incredible!

And while I have lime mousse leftover from another baking project, and lovely Pink Lady apples, I thought “Et pourquoi pas des tartelettes à la mousse au citron vert” ?

Why not lime mousse tartlets?

I know what we are having for dessert tonight!

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  1. You are unstoppable! Bake away – the sun is not coming back for days! I will be the lime and apple combination is a very refreshing one!

  2. I can’t wait for you to share this gluten free crust recipe. I am trying to be good about being gluten free… This looks fantastic!

  3. Une fois de plus, je rêve autant devant la photo que devant ta tartelette. La photo est presque irréelle et pourtant la tarte est tellement engageante.

  4. Mmm… lime mousse… I wouldn’t have thought of lime and apple together, but it does sound quite tasty!

  5. Stunning, as always! I’ve never considered serving a mousse inside tart shells, but it seems like a great idea that also means less washing up after serving!

  6. et c’est combien l’IMC de ton P !! A ce rythme ca va etre terrible !!

  7. Bea’ looks like a beautiful page from a stylish cook book. Hope some pub. will grab your work and talent for a Bea’s cooking book.

  8. Looks fabulous! At first I didn’t think lime and apple sounded like a good combination but the picture and proportions gave me a new perspective.

  9. beautiful! Your photos/ food just look so lovely. I can’t wait to try this.

  10. that looks so stunning. those apples are something out of a fairy tale! i never come to your site without my jaw dropping. 🙂

  11. holy crap. sometimes i look at your pictures and think, maybe i just need a better camera. sometimes i think, this is really inspiring. and sometimes i think it’s time to give up, because the gorgeousness of your photos cannot be topped.

    this looks beautiful, and i’m a total sucker for fruit mousses. yum!

    Us vs. Food

  12. Wow, this one floored me! The flavor combination sounds intense (in a good way), and that crust…wow!

  13. i am a little lost i guess. I can not find the recipe for the gluten free tart dough.

    and thanks

  14. Thanks everyone, once again. Merci beaucoup à tous pour vos commentaires.
    I will post the recipe in a few days, hopefully, when I get a chance. A few answers, to cut the apple that thin, I use a mandoline. And the mousse is actually quite light, made with egg whites and mascarpone cheese.


  15. The tart looks delicate and beautiful. Congratulations on your break through, and look forward to reading the details!

  16. Hi,

    I am looking at your blog for the first time and noticed this beautiful tartlet – is it possible to get the recipe? I’d love to know your food science as my 11 – yr old is wheat allergic. Thanks!!

  17. I would love to try this recipie. My mom is allergic to wheat and is missing her sweets. It would be so nice to surprise her with this beautiful treat! Thanks in advance!!!

  18. How far in advance in serving should a mousse be made. Thanks.


  20. Jasmine, the apples are poached in syrup. So hardly cooked at all, staying crunchy.

  21. Bonjour Béa,
    pourrais-tu m’envoyer la recette de cette fabuleuse tartelette à la mousse au citron et pomme? Merci beaucoup.
    Pour ta pate brisée, tu gardes la même recette pour les tartes sucrées et les tartes salées?

    merci pour les renseignements

  22. Graziella,

    J’essaierai de la publier prochainement. Pour ce qui est de la pâte, cela dépend des tartes. Je varie et n’utilise pas toujours les mêmes. Ici, j’ai utilisé une pâte brisée sucrée.

  23. Bonjour Graziella,
    J aurais bien voulu la recette de cette tartellete mais je ne la trouve pas, est ce normal? ou est ce moi qui n’est pas bien cherché?

    J’ai découvert ton site par le biais du reportage d’envoyer special la suite est j’avoue que tes recettes et tes fotos sont très appétissante.

    Je te souhaite une bonne continuation et bon courage pour ton livre

  24. Merci Siw. Cette recette n’a en fait pas encore été publiée! Désolée!

  25. I have been seduced by your site, thank you, merci.
    I cannot seem to find some recipes… do you not publish all of them or will I be able to find them in your cookbook?

  26. where can i but the tart tins to make that nice shape for the tartlets
    many thanks\claudia

  27. Where can I find then Lime and Apple Tarlet recipe? Would love to make it.