Obsessed with Crumble — Accro du crumble

crumble custard fruit stewed

Stewed Fruit and Custard Crumble

This is what happens when you return from Ireland.

Crumble, the almighty crumble, becomes an obsession.

Do not worry, I am not leaving you without the recipe.

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  1. I love the drip over the side of the dish, like the fruit exploded with flavor and cannot contain itself. Slurp! Please post the recipe!

  2. I love crumble too and I love the way the syrup made a line down the bowl. Gorgeous photo!

  3. What I really want to know is what is the secret of creating a crumble that oozes over just a little, not too much or not at all 🙂

  4. Welcome home Bea! I love crumble, too. Crisp, crumble, anything of that sort with fruit on the bottom is hard to resist! Where did you find the currents?

  5. My English bloke loves crumble so there is never a shortage here. Beautiful photo, as always 🙂

  6. i have those same bowls!!! i totally loved them so i bought them in four different colors (including the pink!)! but i guess i can assume from your picture that they are oven-safe? i’ve only used them for mini-soup-bowls and ice cream so far. 🙂

  7. oh, that photo is LOVELY. the little bit of mesh under the bowl is such a perfect touch.
    and i love your crumble recipes! we enjoy your strawberry crumble quite frequently in my home. can’t wait for a new recipe to add!

  8. Once again,we share the same brain: I made some Key lime and strawberry ones yesterday. Lucky you to find red currant, here it’s like I am askinf for the moon!

  9. Just a little drip over, just one drip over and not just an oozing mess . . . now how do you get that. And that little patch of threads, pretty cool.

  10. Looks so sweet! Both ways! Looking forward to the recipe. May have to cheat on the 2008 “no sweets for awhile resolution”, but hey, it looks small!

  11. Oh, how I love those colors! Somehow I always imagine Ireland just grey and green…there should be direct Rodez-Dublin flights in the spring (God love Ryanair), so I will have to go and get my stereotypes corrected! Happy New Year, too, if I haven’t said it!

  12. Je comprends, je comprends… Un crumble, une tasse de thé et voilà… On remet ça demain, demain, encore demain et puis, demain, tiens, pour changer, et demain, demain, demain…

  13. Thank you, Bea! I enjoy goji berries in the morning with yogurt and a little agave nectar for sweetness, but never– duh– thought of using them in baked goods. I’ll make this recipe today.