On the Other Side — De l’autre côté

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Snapshots taken from one of our trips, September 2003

Perhaps I should think about packing a nice lunch with me, non ? You would too, wouldn’t you?

I had never cooked with Amaranth leaves before — thank god for the Asian guy at the farmer’s market, he always has the most exotic and intriguing vegetables. When I saw this plant’s beautiful vivid green and dark red colors, I could not help but rush to buy them — I bought baby amaranth leaves — even if really, at the time I did not know what I was going to do with them. I just had to have them first, and then I would think.

Use them in stir-fries or soups,” he mumbled when I asked him how I should cook them.

I could have followed his advice and prepare a stir-fry, or a soup.

But instead, I thought about a savory tart.

I combined them to red and yellow beets for taste and color, and baked the tart with an olive oil savory crust. So yes, needless to say that this recipe is for beet-lovers only — or perhaps I should say girls who like pink — unless you change your mind.

amaranth beet tart olive oil crust

Baby Amaranth Leaves

amaranth beet tart olive oil crust

Beet and Amaranth Leaves Tart
In an Olive Oil Crust

Of course, I hope to bring back lots of good stories, and pictures.

And now I should really think about packing…

A bientôt ! Cook and eat well.

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  1. Hi, Bea! And welcome to the Left Coast! Hope you enjoy your time in our fair city – we love it! I have so admired your blog and your photography as well as your recipes! I’ll think good thoughts for your visit and try to arrange lovely weather for you!

  2. Oh Bea, that’s so lovely. I laughed when I say it because I made a very similar tart myslef 2 nights ago – onion and beetroot with stilton – and haven’t posted it yet, I’m so behind. Aren’t you just loving all the new produce that’s come in with the cooler weather?! Enjoy your trip, I can’t wait to see the pictures.

  3. I can’t believe how beautiful you make food look! You are truly an artist… I hate beets, but I was to try this just because it looks so beautiful!

  4. Welcome to this side of the world 🙂 It’s pretty, isn’t it?

    I’m with everyone, how dooo you make your food look so pretty?

  5. je te souhaite d’en profiter autant que moi je vais le faire! je retourne en bretagne, en passant par Paris pour une vraie pause, et qui sait, peut être moi aussi vais-je croiser des plantes étonnantes que je saurais alors avec beaucoup de chance préparer de façon aussi alléchante et élégante que toi! à bientôt!

  6. Wow, you are very lucky ;-P! I’m looking forwards to seeing your great pictures!
    That tart is very colorful and appetizing, yummy!



  7. Hi, it’s funny the little coincidences in life… just yesterday I posted a recipe for raw beetroot salad, and thought ‘right am going out on a limb here… who else is interested in this vegetable” And here I find this great recipe on your blog! Like most girlie girls, have to say I love the colour. You are always so inventive with your pastry – which inspired me to recently make a plum tart with cinnamon pastry!
    Have a lovely trip 🙂

  8. I am a girl that loves pink and is learning to love beetroot! And I think your tart is absolutely gorgeous! Have fun on your holidays 🙂

  9. bea, how do you get that lovely fluted edge on your tarts? mine always look a mess, even when i used tins with fluted edges and allow the pasty to chill before baking.

  10. Magnifiques rimes visuelles sur cette dernière photo ! Bravo Béa tes photos sont de plus en plus charmantes 🙂

  11. Bienvenue…de l’autre cote! Ta tarte est bien rigolote, je pense que je vais essayer de la faire pour une copine d’origine russe qui adore la betterave…et mes quiches. Ca fait un bon compromis.
    Essaie de trouver les coins sans fog meme si je vois que tu aimes aussi les photos avec de la brume (photos magnifiques comme d’hab). On verra, si j’ai de la chance, on se croisera peut etre par hasard en ville. Profite bien de tes vacances!

  12. Amaranth! So that’s what these lovely vegetables are called! I’ve been having them since I was little and only knew them by their Chinese name. They’re supposedly very high in iron and good for blood nourishment. =) The Chinese way is to make a somewhat soupy stir fry them with ikan bilis (a kind of anchovy).

  13. We cook amaranth leaves so often but I never thought of it in such a stunning tart. In South India we cook it along with lentils in a coconut-green chilli gravy or just steam them with a fistful of moong beans for that excellent iron-protein combo!

  14. Bea, si ça se trouve, chaque photo que tu fais est meilleure que la dernière. Même qu’elle nous distrait du propos et de la recette. Ta recette est originale et somptueuse. Bravo

  15. En cherchant des recettes, je tombe sur ton blog et je me souviens de mon voyage aux Etats-Unis, magnifique. J’aime beaucoup ce que tu fais. Je vais mettre ton lien vers mon blog. C’est tout simplement superbe de voyager encore à travers tes images. A bientôt.

  16. Hi Bea! Could you give some information? I would like to know where do you buy “Biscuits roses de Reims”. Because I loved your recipes, but I live in BRAZIL and here I didn´t find ! I´m going to New York next month. Do you know if there I can find to buy? I have a friend who is going to Paris next month too .. Did you buy there? Thanks a lot!

  17. I am jealous of your vacation and your talent! I’ve always wanted to go to San Fran, but so far the closest I’ve come has been San Diego (also a nice city…) The tart looks like pure art!

  18. Je passe souvent, laisse peu de messages, mais j’adore ton blog, vraiment. Tes photos sont sublimes, tes recettes extras. Merci à toi.

  19. Tu es peut-etre deja rentree Bea, j’ai hate de voir ce que tu nous a rapporte. Je ne connais pas les feuilles d’amaranthe, je me souviens seulement que quand nous etions petits, c’etait un colorant rouge dans les bonbons. Je vais voir si je trouve ca dans les magasins asiatiques, je suis curieuse.

  20. Thank you all. Merci beaucoup.

    In answer to the question “What is the taste of amaranth leaves?”, I would say peppery exotic spinach 😉 I have to try again!

  21. I would love to try and make this. It looks so good AND healthy. Can you give me the complete recipe? Thanks!