When the Season Offers Apricots — Quand les abricots sont de saison





I looked at them and kept wondering how it was possible to obtain such beautiful natural shades:

Red and Yellow, into Orange.

They simply inspired me to photograph them.

Perfect to the taste,

So juicy and sweet!

Their fate?

In a tart,

As is typical of me.

But you have to come back for this one.


I am addicted to how special it is.

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  1. We are just getting fresh apricots in the farmers’ markets now. I’ve been eating them like candy!

  2. I have to say that, that bowl is cute. Too bad I can’t get apricots at my farmer’s market, but I got apples!

  3. What beautiful photos! I abhor dried apricots, but the fresh fruit are so marvellous – and I love those tarts with fresh apricot and (I think) pistachio! Shall wait to see the recipe 🙂

  4. Ah, l’abricot ! Un fruit absolument divin, mon préféré ! Tes photos sont alléchantes, comme toujours, mais quel dommage de cuire les abricots, qui sont si bons crus…

  5. Apricots! Such beautiful images. They really do this not only great looking, but also great tasting fruit justice. Tree-ripe, still warm from the sun, they are a great snack, cooked even more imature ones develop their magic fragrance. Yours look like the small-sized variety that is available here in Vienna, called Rosenmarillen (rose apricots). Rosenmarillen come from the Wachau Region, on the Danube, 40 miles west of Vienna. I like apricot tarts in any variety, best when combined with almonds in any form, or the apricot filled dumplings. I was looking for your tart recipe, but couldn’t figure out where it is located. Will be back to look some more.

  6. I’m not sure what is more gorgeous – the natural apricots, or the tart you made out of them! How is it that you take such great photographs too?! Looks delicious.

  7. oh i know i’d love this tart – i made apricot jam with pistachios last year, a heavenly combination! and if something looks as good as your tartlets, how could anyone resist at all?

  8. I love apricots… unfortunately this year no good apricots arrived to Stockholm but I the nectarines (from Italy) are really good this summer. Beautiful photos!

  9. Je trouve les abricots, et tous les fruits ronds en général, naturellement “photogéniques”, voire parfois érotiques de part leurs formes et leurs couleurs.
    Bien à toi

  10. You should try the dessert from Mamina…I made it the other day (it’s on my blog) and it is sooooooo good! I really like your tart too but I am not too difficult…

  11. I’ve never seen apricots quite like that, they look almost peachy. They’re just beautiful. I definitely will come back to hear about the tart – there are plenty of apricots to be had lately and though I made (and blogged about) one apricot tart recently, I’m in search of another recipe.

  12. Fresh apricots are so delicious! The pictures look beautiful, as always. You are an amazing artist.

  13. So glad you dropped by my blog or I would never have found you — I adore the photos of the apricots, aren’t they the most precious fruit! Beautiful Blog, really inspiring.

  14. I love apricots and have been cooking with them more than ever this year. Your tarts are stupendous!

  15. Fresh apricots … Never actually seen that — I think. Odd, because I’ve always loved the dry ones, so one would think I bought them if I saw them. Got to go out and search.

    Beautiful pictures, Bea.

  16. Bea, these photos are just stunning. You’ve inspired me to buys some apricots and try the tart myself. With pistachios? Why don’t I buys fresh apricots more often? They really are lovely.

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  18. I bought some apricots yesterday and spent the whole journey home marvelling at their subtle colouring. Too gorgeous! Your photos are truly inspiring, as always 🙂

  19. As a child we were blessed by a huge apricot tree sharing the boundary beween our house and the neighbours. They were sweet and blushed red like the ones in your picture. I purchased some from the greengrocer a week or so ago, but they were just palin orange, and very tart. I wish produce could be a touch riper when they harvest it.