Passion Fruit, for Real — Fruit de la passion, pour de vrai

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Passion Fruit — Mousse

I always thought that this was a fruit that I would not use, or buy. But when I walked to the store today and saw an engaging display with a few passion fruits (expensive ones nonetheless), I fell for them. Oh yes I was guilty! There was not a chance that I was going to let these beauties go bad before I had time to use them. I rushed home and I quickly whipped together an easy light refreshing summery mousse. I was happy. My plan? Keep the dessert for the following day, leaving me more time to style good pictures.

But then something happened.

Because that evening, we were going out to an event we had been waiting for for a few months. And it was terribly hot outside. We were out to see Morrissey play in Boston — oh yes, I am a big fan, and it started with The Smiths. Twenty minutes or so after the start of the show however, his voice started to sound slightly broken. It was not as clear as I remembered. “A cold”, he said. “It was too cold at the David Letterman Late Show last night“. I hate AC, sometimes. Thirty minutes later, after he left the stage to change shirts, a man came and said quietly — and quickly — “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the regret to inform you that Morrissey lost his voice. The show is cancelled.”

Oh no!

Back home?

Easy revenge for the disappointment. I ate the dessert.


Even if they were small.

So you will have to excuse me, but I will have to make another one.


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  1. Aw! Too bad about the show Bea…I feel the frustration…but those dessert cups look beautiful and I’m sure they are delicious. I have never had passion fruit so I can only imagine…but with a name like that it must be special right?

  2. I love passion fruit! Your verrine looks really gorgeous and delicious.

    I’m sorry that the show was cancelled 🙁 ! A very frustrating thing to experience…

  3. j’aimais bien Morrissey du temps des Smiths, le personnage, sa voix … moins ces textes. Désolée qu’il ait du annulé une partie de son concert. pour les fruits de la passion je suis une grande fan spécialement dans les desserts de P. Hermé qui joue beaucoup avec l’acidité de ce fruit. Jolies photos comme d’hab

  4. So sorry about the show. What’s in the mousse other than the passion fruit? I so rarely buy these, they’re so expensive, but yum so delicious. Do make more.

  5. Your mousse looks delicious Bea – hopefully it helped soften the disappointment of the cancelled concert. I can tell you (from experience!) that passionfruit are very addictive. They are quite expensive in London as well, but I cannot keep myself from buying them. I used to try and find a good excuse to buy them, but really who needs an excuse to buy such lovely yummyness.

  6. Too bad about the show. The mousse looks wonderful and I hope it made you feel better. 🙂

  7. Too bad about the show, Bea. On the otherhand, I love passion fruit. I just had a dessert made with this fruit at the Apple Pie bakery at the Culinary Institute. I think it was a mousse with a curd at the bottom.( I had so many little bites of dessert there i do not know which came with what now)

  8. Hope you get a refund or a reschedule! I’m a big Smith fan too…well..most of the time, not the music to listen to when you are in a sad mood

  9. Yes looks lovely. I also wondered what else was in the mousse…. 🙂 Will wait to hear more

  10. oh yes, they are talking about rescheduling. We shall see!
    As to the mousse, it is an Apricot with Lemongrass Mousse. Very light. Using also coconut milk in it.

  11. oohh, my fav fruit of the moment. when i visited my mum in malaysia she served me icecream garnished with this fruit! it’s becoming very popular there.. kisses from amsterdam. xxk

  12. Tes photos, tes recettes, tout est magnifique! Je t’envie pour tous ces talents…

  13. The Smiths….! I am jealous!! I love passion fruits too and I am always amazed at how expensive they are around here. Beautiful colors!

  14. I know right, the hot and cold weather just drives u up the wall sometimes. Thankfully, you have the passion fruit mousse to compliment the moods hehee 🙂 Anyway, this is my first time seeing passion fruit up-close-and-personal haha, have always had PF drinks/smoothies, but not seen the fruit gee..thanks, Bea 🙂

  15. Dommage pour Morrissey. Je crois encore entendre sa voix du temps des Smith, qu’est-ce qu’on a pu les ecouter. Et tant mieux pour la passion, c’est surprenamment bon ces fruits la.

  16. Je ne fais pas partie de la génération des Smiths et pourtant certaines chansons du gpe sont comme des hymnes pr moi. Certains imprévus nous reservent de gourmandes surprises! Je crois que je n’aurai pas pu resister de les manger avant le lendemain!!

  17. Hi–the passion fruit is delightful–I make juice with them–I don’t eat the seeds though-do you??
    Have a nice summer.

  18. Firstly, I simply love your blog. It ´s a real deli. And …it was nice to see somebody commenting about passion fruit. Here in Brazil this fruit is very commom and cheap. We usually make several kinds of desserts with it and drinks as well. And it is also known as a natural antistressing remedy.