For the Love of Cherries — Amoureuse des cerises

cherry fruit summer tartine gourmande


Oh, aren’t they the best fruit when they turn red on the tree? Cherries are full of memories for me. I am so happy that they are here again that I wanted to show the world — well, you in fact — how beautifully tempting they are. Be careful, they are looking at us!

To my Love of Cherries

Histoire à suivre…

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  1. What a gorgeous image! Cherries are just such beautifully succulent fruit – they speak of summer for me.

  2. Unfortunelly in this hemisphere ,cherrys only in December.But the photo remaind me how sweet and beatifull they are. Tanks for The beatiful photo.

  3. Y’a rien de mieux qu’un clafouti a la cerise (avec noyau pour le gout d’amande). Simple et delicieux.

  4. How is it do you think they are blessed with such color? And the cherry meat is the juiciest of all! Yes, I do love cherries! And it is possible to eat so many, you can make your self sick.

  5. Oh! I actually gasped when this photo came onto my screen today. There is something so, I don’t know, fundamental about cherries, they’re like a red siren demanding your attention on sidewalk fruit stalls. They are less cutesy than berries, so much more serious and grown up and dammit, they’re sexy.

  6. in chinese old saying~ there is:

    cherry is delicious, but hard to plant the trees~

    beautiful red color~ i like it very much~

  7. Are you going to make cherry clafoutis. If yes, save me some because they are my favorite.

  8. Tu sais mettre l’eau à la bouche aux gens….sublime photo et composition…ca me laisse rêveur tout ca 😉

    Bonne journée

  9. cherries are full of memories to me too… they remember me my first time in Paris! That’s enough! :))) I love the blog and the flickr! tks for sharing all these beautiful world!

  10. chez moi les cerises sont arrivees…357 pesos le kilo
    le salaire minimun…400 pesos la semaine….je crois que je vais me rabattre sur les mangues !!!