Strawberry Rice Pudding — Riz au lait aux fraises

strawberry rice pudding

A few weeks ago, P. and I had an unusually quiet Sunday at home, of the kind that made us search for activities in the afternoon. Des trucs à faire ! Despite the fact that we had had a hearty breakfast — as we always do — followed quite soon by a more than satisfying lunch, by 4 pm or so, P. told me: “J’ai faim” (I am hungry).

Ben mange un morceau de fromage avec du pain,” I suggested, even if I knew that this was not going to do anything to him. I felt as if I was talking like my mother! Bread and cheese? Perhaps I was more thinking of what I would have eaten had I suffered from a similar craving. “What about an apple or a banana?” I went on, enthusiastically. By looking at him I knew that I had to think about something more clever. This was obviously not doing anything to him. Boring!

Et, tu dis quoi de riz au lait avec des fraises ?” (What do you say about rice pudding with strawberries?)

strawberry rice pudding

He looked back at me swiftly, his whole face suddenly lit by an enormous smile. In fact, I knew it before even saying it. I know him that well. But then, this does not require too much thinking because this is how much P. likes any types of puddings when they use rice and milk.

And why not after all!

Rice puddings are deliciously smooth and really easy to make, can be flavored as you like — with vanilla or cardamom, as examples. Served with cooked and fresh strawberries, this sweat treat is excellent, no matter what time of the day, à quatre heures or as a real dessert. Il n’y a pas d’heure pour en manger ! (there is no special time to eat rice pudding).

Try it, come on! You will be surprised! Strawberry season is still with us, profitons-en !

strawberry rice pudding

Strawberry Rice Pudding

Strawberry Rice Pudding

(For 4 people)

You need:

  • 6 tablespoons risotto rice, Carnaroli or Arborio
  • 2 full cups whole milk, (or half soy milk, half unsweetened coconut milk)
  • 10 green cardamom pods
  • 10.5 oz strawberries, hulled
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice (optional)
  • 1/2 cup blond cane sugar + 2 tablespoons
  • 1/8 cup water
  • Grated coconut (optional)


  • In a small pot, dissolve 1/2 cup sugar with the water and bring to a gentle boil.
  • Wash and dice half of the strawberries. Add them to the syrup with four cardamom pods and the lime juice. Simmer on low heat for about fifteen minutes. Let cool and remove the cardamom pods.
  • In the meantime, rinse the rice under cold water.
  • Bring the milk to a first boil with 6 cardamom pods and then slowly pour the rice in. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer for 30 minutes, or until the rice is cooked but stays al dente. Remove the cardamom pods and mix in the rest of the sugar. Let slightly cool in a bowl.
  • When the cooked strawberries are cooked, mix them with the rice (or serve the rice and top with the cooked strawberries.)
  • Add the remainder fresh strawberries, sliced. Serve with grated coconut if you like.
Le coin français
Riz au lait aux fraises

(Pour 4 personnes)

Ingrédients :

  • 80 g (6 càs) de riz à risotto, Carnaroli ou Arborio
  • 500 ml de lait entier (ou moitié lait de soja, moitié lait de coco non sucré)
  • 10 capsules de cardamome verte
  • 300 g de fraises
  • 1 càs de jus de citron vert
  • 100 g de sucre de canne blond + 2 càs
  • 30 ml d’eau
  • Noix de coco râpée (facultatif)

Étapes :

  • Dans une casserole, faites dissoudre 100 g de sucre avec l’eau, et amenez à ébulition.
  • Lavez les fraises et coupez la moitié en dés. Ajoutez-les au sirop avec quatre capsules de cardamome, et le jus de citron vert. Cuisez sur feu doux pendant 15 minutes. Laissez refroidir puis retirez la cardamome.
  • Pendant ce temps, rinsez le riz sous de l’eau froide.
  • Amenez le lait à première ébullition et ajoutez le riz en pluie, avec le reste de cardamome. Réduisez la température et cuisez le riz sur feu doux, à couvert pendant 30 min. Retirez les capsules de cardamome et ajoutez le reste de sucre. Laissez refroidir dans un bol.
  • Une fois les fraises cuites refroidies, mélangez-les délicatemen au riz.
  • Ajoutez le reste de fraises coupées en tranches. Servez, avec de la noix de coco râpée si vous le souhaitez.
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  1. faint~~ i don’t konw why i can not leave some comment sometime~

    maybe there is some problem in system~

    but i still to say~ so beautiful strawberry rice pudding is~ so lovely color~

  2. so beautifu color~ so lovely strawberry pudding~

    PS: i still not know why i can not leave comment a monment ago~ faint~ 🙁

  3. oh mais quelle jolie recette! pleine de subtilité, toute en détails.. merci, ça illumine ma journée!

  4. your pudding has the perfect consistency! Bea, please serve me with a HUGE bowl! I also made something similar, but pureed the strawberries, the whole thing was just utterly creamy!

  5. This is an ancient recipe,that my gammy usually did for us in my childhood,without strawberry ,but with a rain of cinamon on the top.
    The photo is super with nice colors.

  6. Found some unusually good strawberries the other day, but I have to admit, rice pudding never occurred to me. We just ate them standing at the kitchen counter, juice dripping off our chins. That was fabulous, but this looks lovely.

  7. Wow! This looks delicious! I think this could convince my hubby to try out rice pudding 🙂

  8. What a joy to find your beautiful blog on a warm Friday morning in May! I am inspired by your photographs to work harder on my own. Now, if only our strawberries had arrived already in Ontario!

  9. Even my boyfriend, who usually craves chocolate as a dessert, fell for your recipe.
    Béa, allow me to say, like so many before me, that you are not only a magnificent cook (I guess, should taste it first of course), an excellent writer but also (!!) a superb photographer!!

  10. My goodness. Your site has such beautiful photography and writing…and you post so often! Thank you for the opportunity to experience your gorgeous blogging.

  11. Béa, good to be back on a strawberry rice pudding day, i have everything i need and a daughter really willing to try this kind of sweet treats ! Thanks !

  12. That looks absolutely delicious! I’ve had fun sorting out through your last few posts, which I unfortunately missed because my computer broke. Those were dark days, but it’s all better now since there are lots of new recipes to try out.

  13. I know all too well of the dangers of an “unusually quiet Sunday at home” – how often have I been upset at myself, when I started cooking in these kind of situations, and then there was all the kitchen mess afterwards. As my mother says, I’d have to be tied down to sit still. 🙂
    Thank you for that wonderful idea, and not too messy and time consuming either. I will make some rice pudding today, I have some rhubarb here, that will have to do, though. Roasted, with a little bit of sugar (had the tastiest rhubarb strudel yesterday at Demel’s *wow*).
    Have a great weekend, and thank you for the time you dedicate to this blog, to bring us all these great pictures and recipes!

  14. I love rice pudding and this looks so, so good!
    Please, can you post a recipe for the “fraisier”, I need a good recipe for my birthday’s cake..thanks 😀

  15. Wonderful! I grew up with classic vanilla and raisin rice pudding– grandfather’s favorite!

    Beautiful photography.

  16. I have only had regular/plain rice pudding (with a little cinnamon)…this looks absolutely delicious!

  17. I love this….gosh….love the way you have captured the colours in the photo….looks great…lovely dessert…thanks for sharing

  18. Yoyo,
    I think that the issue is that sometimes comments get improperly caught into my spam folder. Sorry about that and thank you for your comment!

    Leonine, merci encore une fois.

    Tanna, oh yes any time, and thank you!

    Kat, thanks!

    Alhya, merci, Je suis contente que cela t’apporte un petit rayon de soleil.

    Gattina, ahah, it is all gone. I will have to make some more to satisfy your craving. And have to check yours. I am sure it is delicious, as you know well to do!

    Litsanka, merci.

    Lydia, thank you!

    Mary, j’espere qu’il le sait 😉 Moi aussi finalement, j’ai de la chance.

    Gracianne, ah oui, tu as bien raison. Heureusement, il me soigne bien!

    Patricia, thank you for your visit and comment.

    Sylvia, cinnamon is a great touch indeed. I will have to try this too! Thank you for the tip and comment.

    Christine, I am like you. Fresh strawberries will always be the best, anyhow.

    Ilva, oh nice. I am sure you will make great things with them! Cannot wait to see.

    Kim, thank you.

    Catherine, thanks so much for your sweet note. No strawberries yet in Ontario?

    Jeff, you have to convince her!

    Sophie, oui completement.

    Tit, tant mieux.

    L, thanks so much for your complimentary note. I feel honored to hear you enjoy my blog!

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    Framboiz, eh tu es de retour! Youpi! J’espere que toi et ta puce allez aimer!

    Sue, thank you.

    Jelena, great to hear. So welcome back!

    Merisi with rhubarb, it is sure to be excellent. What a great idea too! Thanks for your visit and nice note.

    Justine, nice to hear you like it. Fraisier recipe will come soon 😉 When is your birthday?

    Paz, thank you!

    Connie, yes you describe it well, I feel!

    Sarah, thank you. Your grandfather’s version is great. Isn’t it funny to see that it seems to be such an ancient recipe?

    Joey, yum!

    Jenjen, oh I bet. But you surely will have a great fall. I loved your market pics!

    Dilip, thank you!

    And so sorry Valentina that you were not able to post your comment. I will add it below. It must have been caught in my spam folder.

  19. I really loved the strawberry rice pudding recipe. I might try it with barley or even quinoa. Must think a bit about which one will be best.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

  20. Oh this is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful combination of flavours and such lovely photos!

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  22. hi bea,
    the last picture is absolutely stunning!
    and this unusual riz au lait sounds delicious
    – fanny

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  24. Your strawberry rice pudding looks great. If only it was season for fresh strawberries in Poland I would immediately do that pudding at home. Apparently I’m forced to wait a couple of weeks more and in the meantime watch your wonderful photos 🙂

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