Rhubarb Splendor — La splendeur de la rhubarbe

rhubarb fruit pink


I would not know which adjective to use to talk about my attachment to la rhubarbe, Rhubarb. Perhaps I should start with telling you that when we were kids, my friends and I used to suck on raw rhubarb sticks during the summer. Or I could continue on and talk at length about my mum’s tarte à la rhubarbe — juicy and sweet — or how much she would complain that her rhubarb plant prend toute la place dans le jardin (take all the space in the garden).

And, perhaps, I should simply say how beautiful it is, especially in my plate and the desserts I am going to make with it.

I am too excited to have rhubarb back.

I had to say it.

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  1. Oh lord what a swoon I made at that photo! I always loved my grandmother’s rhubarb pies. Rhubarb is probably one of about 3 things I will pay way to much for when I find it looking so beautiful out of season. Yes, I have plans.

  2. When I was a little girl, my family moved to a house that had a rhubarb plant growing in the backyard. Being from New York City, we didn’t know what it was! Now that I know how to cook it, I think about how lucky we were to have our own rhubarb. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with yours!

  3. Ah la rhubarbe! J’adore…ce cote acidule, cette fraicheur! moi aussi j’ai fait le plein aujourd’hui. J’ai des idees plein la tete. J’ai hate de voir ce que tu nous concocte!

  4. I’ve been waiting for rhubarb to come to the farmers market and it hasn’t made an appearance yet. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  5. the picture of those rhubarb stalks are making me so hungry for spring… unfortunately, my rhubarb is dormant underground blanketed by three inches of freshly fallen (and still falling snow…) I can’t wait to see what you come up with as i am afraid i will have to live vicariously for now….


  6. Tsch, I only just finished some rhubarb muffins and now I’d quite like more.

    I was reading a 1940s book on cooking during wartime, earlier today, and it included the advice that you shouldn’t strip the red skin off your rhubarb, because you lose valuable food with the colour. It seems quite staggering that anyone would have wanted to get rid of the colour.

  7. I’m exactly like you! I love rhubarb and also used to suck on it when I was a kid (I dipped it in sugar, though)…
    I’m really happy that it’s back, because one of my favorite tarts is made with rhubarb.

  8. Bea, bought some wonderful rhubarb at the farmers market this morning. I tend to wipe it down with a wet cloth and cook it with sugar and a vanilla bean and NO water – its so good!

  9. Oh, I totally agree. I have been counting the days and cannot wait to pick some up tomorrow at the market. When I was young, my parents had three huge plants in the garden including white and green rhubarb. I miss the easy access and sheer quantity! I think a strawberry rhubarb crumble will be showing its face very soon.

  10. I have never tried rhubarb, I guess this is a “western” ingredient in my culinary mind so I don’t know what to do with it. But the color, oh, the color is soooo pink and so sweet looking. 🙂

  11. It’s funny, I loathe beets for exactly the same reason I adore rhubarb: both are link. I suppose pink in a main dish is just wrong while pink in a dessert is acceptable, nay, desired. Just looking at your rhubarb, and how lusciously pink it is, confirms my thinking. And, of course, makes me hanker. For rhubarb. But of course!


  12. La semaine est passé si vite, j’ai plein de choses à lire chez toi. 🙂 La rhubarbe, j’ai mis du temps avant de l’aimer mais maintenant c’est vraiment de l’amour. Ave des fraises et du riz au lait, c’est extra, par exemple.

  13. I’ve never had rhubarb before. I’ll make a note to try it, since it comes highly recommended.

  14. I am just like you all. Love the pink color of rhubarb! And the acidic taste it has. Great idea to not peel it to keep the color Holly. Especially for when the rhubarb is very young and tender. And Sophie, yes les fraises et la rhubarbe, a classic, but so good, isn’t it??