Oscars Night Sunday Dinner — Soirée des Oscars et dîner du dimanche

Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry and Croustillant

The only shot I managed to take of the dessert I made last night for our dinner at home with friends! A variation of this one. Everyone was more interested in starting to eat (smile)! It is good once in a while to make my own recipes more than once!

And did we really manage to not switch on the TV to watch the Oscars? I guess we didn’t! Better open the paper to find out who won!

Happy Monday! It is snowing outside. I love it!

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  1. looks very pretty and i’m sure lovely to taste too. suprisingly i made mousse too,nuthing compared to yours but it was gr8.put it up on http://aapplemint.blogspot.com/ .we played monopoly and waited on till the oscars started…but it went to real late hrs and we to had to leave it there.

  2. It’s sunny in southern California but there maybe a little rain later.
    Chocolate Mousse! and with raspberry!! Wow! All we had was an Espresso Gingerbread Cake…

  3. with a dinner and dessert like that Bea, I’d definitely have skipped TV. Beautiful!

  4. Superbe! ce gâteau est tellement beau que je ne sais pas si j’oserais le manger… en fait si je crois que j’y arriverais!

  5. toujours aussi sublime ton gâteau, je le connais par coeur, car quand je montre ton blog à des amis, c’est cette photo là que je cherche toujours pour l’illustrer, j’en suis folle !

  6. I think you should do and re-do all the ones that work, and do them again, Bea! I was reading up on all the stuff on Oscars night and thought, I should just stay up and try and get it on TV – then I realized it was going to be just at a crazy hour and gave up on the idea. I’m so glad you did something to enjoy it! I miss being home on nights like Oscars night. Bisous.

  7. Merci Veronica! Ah tristounet la pluie!

    Kate, your mousse looks absolutely lovely! Yum!

    Tanna, lucky you! You have the weather, not the cake 😉

    Avital, ah merci, tu es trop gentille.

    Mary, thanks!

    Lydia, sweet of you!

    Kat, thank you, once more.

    Viviana , merci.

    Millie, je suis sûre que tu pourrais, sans aucun problème! 😉

    Mercotte, ah tu es vraiment trop gentille! Ca me fait super plaisir d’entendre cela, de tes doigts de talentueuse pâtissière.

    Lucy, thank you! When our guests were gone, we watched a little bit of it, at least! I only found out who won today though.

    Gemma, merci.

    Claude, ahhah, tu es trop drôle. Le livre, oui! Ca vient!

    Auntie Joe, merci.

    Gattina, ahah, thanks, Glad you like them!

    Ellie, thank you!

    Christine, so you watched eh?

    Yoyo, thank you very much. Sweet! How do you say this in Chinese?

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  9. Un vrai dessert de star ! on le croirait réalisé spécialement pour l’occasion par un grand pâtissier !

    Bravo Béa, une fois de plus, c’est du sur mesure !
    Amicalement blog,

  10. Well, I missed the Oscars, but I did catch the Césars, which is a bit more ‘real’.

    Last year when all the tehnicians went on strike (mai oui!) they kept standing up in the audience and yelling at the presenters. It was great fun. If that happened at the Oscar’s in the US, it would get more coverage than Britney shaving her head and the legal battle over Anna Nicole’s burial place combined!

  11. dear bea
    i was wondering if i can use skim milk for the mousse. or if i have to use whole milk?

  12. Ingrid, merci bien! 😉

    Ximena, thank you! Ahah, glued to the TV? I wish I could have seen that part!

    David, oh yes, I would tend to agree, I prefer the Césars as well. Just cannot get to see them at all here! But if I could, I would not miss them!

    Jacqueline, well I never tried, I would tend to believe that if you can at least use 2%, it will help with the texture of the mousse. But you know, you just have to try to know for sure. And if you do, let me know!

  13. Hi Bea, your cake looks delicious, comme toujours d’ailleurs, but what is the transparent piece that you have on top?

  14. Thanks Sandi.

    Rose, it is corn syrup with cocoa nibs, melted in the oven and getting harder when it cools.

  15. This is really a extreme beautiful dessert!! And your photo is so pretty too! Great work!

  16. Hey sorry to be the brat here – but unless you are the one who had this picture published in all the sites I’ve seen it on… I’d like to hear how you made this to prove that you did in fact make it. Because I also saw on the sites that it was side marked as photographed by … ” ” so I also find it hard to believe that you took this as a snapshot before it went out to your dinner guests. Again I hate to be the annoying one – just want people to give credit to the people who actually made and photographed this dessert.

  17. Bea, my apologies. As an artist, I get protective of creativity. When I see beautiful works of art like this – and I see people who take credit for other peoples work – I get immediately defensive. I have to tell you – I completely admire what you do with food. It is such a beautiful art form, and you get to immediately see the enjoyment of your hard work. I recognized this dessert right away since I have seen this image on some sites. I honestly cannot recall the ones i have seen it on – but how flattering to know people admire your work that much.

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