Calendar 2007, Here I Am — Calendrier 2007, me voilà

Inside the Calendar — Le contenu du calendrier

It all started with some comments which I received a while ago, when I published my Favorites 2006 Recipes. The idea was given by readers that I made a calendar. “Hmmm,”I thought, “this could be fun”. I mean, hanging some of my pictures on the wall, or even better, send a copy to my parents, brother and friends, what a great idea indeed! So I did it. While coming back from a lunch with a friend today, I pulled the car in front of the driveway and caught a glimpse of a package in front of the door, with my calendar inside. No need to say that I was thrilled to receive my first copy in the mail.

I am usually not very good at selling things, even worse at bargaining — I was hopeless in Peruvian markets as an example — but if you like the idea, and would like to purchase a copy of this calendar, you simply can. How? I created an account in Cafe Press where you can basically order a copy from there, following this link here, or see on the right panel of my blog. The good news is that Cafe Press ships internationally. I hope that you enjoy the idea and will welcome some of my pictures in your kitchen. In the meantime, I had a lot of fun making it.

Le coin français

Tout a commencé avec quelques commentaires reçus lors de la publication de mes Recettes favories 2006. On m’avait alors suggeré l’idée de réaliser un calendrier. “Mmmm,”je me suis dit, “ça pourrait être franchement sympa”. L’idée d’avoir quelques unes de mes photos accrochées au mur, ou mieux encore, envoyer une copie à mes parents, mon frère et des amis, sincèrement, j’ai tout de suite adoré. J’allais m’amuser. Alors je l’ai fait. Et ce matin, de retour d’un déjeuner avec une amie, alors que je me garais devant la maison, j’ai aperçu un paquet devant la porte, avec à l’interieur, mon calendrier. Inutile d’ajouter que j’étais toute excitée de recevoir ma première copie.

En général, je suis plutot incapable de vendre quoi que ce soit, marchander encore pire — j’étais vraiment pitoyable sur les marches péruviens, par exemple — mais si vous aimez l’idée, et que ça vous tente d’avoir une copie de ce calendrier 2007, eh bien voilà, c’est possible. Comment ? En allant vous balader sur Café Press ou vous pourrez commander une copie. Suivez ce lien ici ou à droite sur mon blog. La bonne nouvelle, c’est que Café Press vend partout dans le monde. J’espère que vous aimerez l’idée. Et en attendant, j’ai beaucoup aimé le réaliser.

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  1. Looks lovely – just a thought for next time that it might be nice to include the recipes too – in the white space at the side or something?

  2. Sorry to hear that your bargaining in Peru was not your strength, but oh so glad to know you stopped by! Four years here in Lima, Peru and absolutely LOVING it! Beautiful pictures on your blog – hope to learn a thing or two by frequenting it.

  3. Congrats…that’s so nice. I now must work hard and hopefully I will have my own Rasa Malaysia calendar for 2008.

    Maybe it’s time I buy that professional DSLR rather than using my point-and-shoot.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Il est vraiment très beau, ton calendrier ! Félicitations, c’est un joli projet concrétisé !

  5. Hiya Bea! I’m back. First, congratulations on winning BFB!!! Well done you! Trully deserved.

    Secondly, wow. This is great! I know how hard it is to create something like this. My friends taunted me to create one too and i did just for giveaways to those interested but i must say, it will be a very long time before i can produce a saleable item. Your photographs trully deserve to be on everyone’s kitchen walls! 🙂

  6. This is the best idea yet, and what a perfect solution to my problem of not having bought a calendar for my kitchen this year! By the way, thanks for your beautiful and inspiring blog that has good recipes and helps me with my French. You are such a fabulous person — how it hasn’t managed to go to your head I’ll never know!

  7. I made this (and the Meyer lemon tarts) on Wednesday, and both were fabulous! Thank you!

  8. I love it! I’m so glad you decided to do this. A request/suggestion for 2008: Could we have recipes alongside the photos?