Randonnée en montagne – Hiking

Finally a nice break from the heat! What do I do when I get sick of the hot humidity? I go up! Up the mountains!

So what does this have to do with food you might wonder?

Our food pattern will change as we will be eating a lot of travel/hiking sandwiches over the coming days as we are about to set off for a few days to hike in Acadia National Park, Maine. Have you been there before? If not, you should. It has become a favorite spot of ours. 6 hours drive North from Boston. I look forward to the hikes and our gourmet picnics! Because they always are! Prosciutto, avocados, smoked salmon, veggies, brioche, sourdough bread, cheese, an all sorts of goodies are packed. And we did not forget the bouteille de Lillet (bottle of Lillet), for our little apéritif at night, looking at the sunset on the ocean.

As our saying in French is:

Après l’effort, le réconfort !

After the effort, you need the comfort!

A bientôt ! When I am back, you will get the story of my ladyfingers, part 2, promise. Enjoy the long weekend!

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  1. Acadia is also this. Good times.
    There’s also an amazing resto in town, I believe it’s called Havana. If you have the chance, try it out.

  2. Tu as le don de nous faire faire de sacrés voyages… sympa de nous faire partager tes aventures.

  3. Oh, Béa, I do so love the blue water just ahead and the wool hat and shorts!
    Après l’effort, le réconfort !
    After the effort, you need the comfort!
    Do enjoy!

  4. That sounds delightful. I will be visiting in laws and hanging out in the swimming pool. Not quite so scenic and the lunches won’t be that great, but hopefull it will be fun. =)

  5. Bea,
    Your picnic food is a definite gourmet! Hey pretty woman, please come back from that breath-taking view and tell me aboutlady finger part II!

  6. ooh, picnic sounds lovely! can’t wait to hear more about the lady’s fingers too…

  7. aie lov yor blog bicoze it iz superbe,
    simpeull, attactiv end aie bruuch eup maï ingliche at ze saime taïme.
    az iou canne si, aie ame e binlingue couker.
    Merci pour ces bons moments, ces bonnes idées, ces belles photos (in French)