Green and Green Apple Sorbet — Du vert et un sorbet à la pomme verte

Quelle chaleur! (What heat!)

What do you do when it is scorching hot outside?

I do not think that I have been as challenged to take pictures as I have been today. What do you do when you want to take shots of sorbet and it is 90 F + outside? I acknowledge that as crazy as it sounds and despite the known fact that summers in New England are generally hot and humid (I can see that eyebrows will soon rise), we still do not own AC. Pas de clim! (short for climatisation). I fought against it for years. “Mais je te dis que j’aime pas ça!”(I tell you I do not like this) has been my answer to P.’s complaints for years. I know it is crazy but I did not grow up with them and while working in offices, I used to hate to have to wear sweaters in the middle of summer because being inside was like working in a fridge. Times have changed. I have changed. I can say that after 8 years of this fight, against this je ne sais quoi, I decided to give in and AC there will be in our house. At last. And to transition into this new house environment change….

Sorbet anyone?

or how to make the easiest sorbet possible.

As with any kind of sorbet, the key is to make sure that your fruit preparation is extremely cold. If not, you can wait and wait and wait, it will not become the expected sorbet.To make this green apple sorbet, I froze slices of green apples overnight, to be used the following day. The light acidy shade of green attracted me, cooling me down even before having AC. Then of course I ate it and I felt cooler right away. Maybe no AC needed? Of course not, I am converted now and suffice to say that both the sorbet and the AC are very welcomed these days in New England. Did I say I liked summer before?

Green Apple Sorbet

You need:

  • About 1 large Lb of green apples (about 3 large Granny Smith apples)
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • Syrup made of 11 oz fine sugar with 1 + 1/4 cups water


The day before

  • Wash and slice the apples thinly (without peeling them).
  • Remove the cores and seeds.
  • Squeeze the lemon juice over.
  • Place them in a container that you will place in the freezer overnight.

On the Day

  • Prepare a syrup: mix together the sugar and water.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Pour over the apples and mix well.
  • Purée extremely thinly in a food processor.
  • Return the preparation to the fridge until very cold.
  • Use an icecream machine to turn into sorbet.
  • Serve in glasses between freshly slices of apples (on which you squeezed some extra lemon juice to prevent oxydation). Eat before it melts!

Le coin français
Sorbet à la pomme verte

Ingrédients :

  • 500 g de pommes vertes (3 Granny Smith environ)
  • Jus d’1 citron
  • Sirop fait à partir de 300 g de sucre fin et 30 cl d’eau

Étapes :

Le jour avant

  • Lavez et tranchez les pommes finement. Veillez à enlever tous les pépins et les parties dures des pommes. Ne les pelez pas.
  • Arrosez du jus de citron.
  • Mettez au congélateur toute la nuit.

Le jour même

  • Préparez un sirop en mélangeant le sucre et l’eau.
  • Portez à ébullition.
  • Versez-le sur les pommes congelées.
  • Réduisez en purée fine en utilisant un mixeur.
  • Remettez la préparation au frigo pour qu’elle soit bien froide.
  • Faites prendre en sorbetière.
  • Servez dans des verres en alternant des couches de pommes vertes citronnées et des boules de sorbet. Mangez sans attendre car cela fond vite quand il fait si chaud!
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  1. tout à fait approprié effectivement à la température même le matin de bonne heure !
    quelles photos de pro!!

  2. les photos à elles seules sont une vraie “mise en bouche” … et la description a l’air rafraîchissante … ah le pouvoir de l’esprit sur le corps … d’un coup je suis mieux !

  3. I´d never be able to replicate that in a thousand years. I find summer way too hot for anything, but looking at that photo makes everything cooler.

  4. Difficult to shoot? The result is so … tempting.
    Un granité bien alléchant, et super rafraîchissant.

  5. Bea,
    I had the same problem with my peach sorbet – needed to chill it an extra few hours before it would come together in the machine. Looks very refreshing, but wow, you’re definitely tough to have survived so long without AC!

  6. Super beau, comme d’hab, ça donne vraiment envie après la chaleur de la journée. Je te comprend pour l’air conditionné, je déteste ça, même quand il fait très chaud, mais difficile de lutter contre la “civilisation” n’est-ce pas?

  7. Oh Man! Comment ca a l’air trop bon! C’est jutement le dessert reve apres un barbeque du dimanche!
    J’adore ton site et cela fait longtemps que je voulais laisse un commentaire. Merci de me donner mon petit rayon de soleil francais-americain quotidien.
    Tes photos sont superbes!
    Bonne continuation!

  8. This looks beautiful and I bet it is so refreshing on one of those hot, humid, and sticky New England days that you were mentioning.

  9. C’est quoi cette condensation qui se forme sur mon écran ?! La photo est un rafraîchissement à elle toute seule, mais je ne vais pas m’arrêter là!

  10. I love the look of this Bea, i’ve ordered a small ice cream maker and still hasn’t arrived! It can make sorbets too and i just can’t wait any longer… might give the shop a call now… *sigh*

  11. hi bea!
    thanks for the visit and i’m loving it here too! great photos! can i link you in?

  12. no AC????? NO AC?????


    i do not know HOW one would exist without AC back east…or over here on the west coast…you are one stubborn girl! 🙂 however, i think you made up for that with such a fabulous sorbet! excellent styling!!!

  13. mon adresse de messagerie plante encore mais juste te dire que je t’invite à répondre à un questionnaire dispo sur mon site 😉 à plus !

  14. Thanks to all for your comments. Merci à tous pour vos commentaires! I know, no AC in the US is nuts! Stubborn or stupid! But I am learning the hard way;-)

  15. Merci Maudus!

    Kieran I don’t think you want our heat, believe me!

    AH yes, me too Ivonne!

  16. Gorgeous photos! I am drooling for some (while holed up in the one tiny room in the house that has A/C, LOL). Hot and humid–yes, I know it! : )