Foodography 4 Green

Entry for Foodography #4

If you like to have fun with food pictures like I do, you should consider participating in the Foodography Event organized once more by Sam and Andrew on Flickr. Thank you!

To celebrate Spring, the chosen theme this time is Green.

First entry:

Foodography event #3
from last month, still running I believe, had as a theme Tools of the Trade. Of the 3 pics I entered, my favorite is the following, especially considering what I was making, soon to be presented as a recipe:

Entry for Foodography #3

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  1. They’re both good, but the first one really does it for me. It’s like visual poetry- well done.

  2. Amazing as usual. In fact, even better …
    Nothing to do with the picture : you’ll need one packet of yeast (levure chimique, 11 g) for the “gateau aux topinambours”. Have a good day.

  3. Your photos make us all greeeen with envy Béa,
    can’t wait for the recipe… love pistachios!

  4. Bea, that first photo is magnificent. Care to share how you arranged your lighting?

    I also quite like the third photo, as much for the suggestion of what’s not in it as the composition of what is.

  5. I *love* that green snap pea! You are so talented! BUt you know that I have told you a million times 😉

    I have something to show you, it’s France related, written by me…


  6. Your photography is beautiful! I love the different ways you feature the various greens. The lighting in the 1st pic is so well done and effective–the sugar snap casts such a well defined shadow. The 2 round little peas add a great element, showing what’s on the inside. The dull, textured olive background works as acontrasting backdrop. haha hope this isn’t too gushy. anyways, love your blog =)

  7. I agree with everyone here, your photography is SO beautiful and radiant, I love it! Also, your photography makes me so happy, I can’t explain it…


  8. Green day, bea!!!
    And Springtime it’s coming…. :-DD
    Beautiful, beautiful photos!!
    I love peas…:-*

  9. Thanks all for you nice comments. I really had fun playing with the light to make those pictures. Try it, it is fun!

    Thanks Pascale for the recipe tip as well! 😉

    Rob, the light on the pea is just sunlight directly from the window. As to the light for the scallions in the colander,
    I used two filtered lights on both sides.

    Jen, I like your detailed description! Thanks a lot!!

    Matt, funny ahah, if they make you happy, then I am happy!

    Riana, I looked at this article. Very interesting indeed! I am not sure I should read this person’s blog. SHe is pretty aggressive, isn’t she?

    I promise to post the recipe for the pistachios soon. Just a back log right now. hint hint Rob 😉

  10. Tes photos sont magnifiques, pour moi c’est un mystére, est ce du à la qualité de l’appareil, de la photographe, de la lumiére? ou bien alors tu manges systématiquement froid… en tout cas c’est splendide