Une coupe de framboises – A Cup of Raspberries

In one week it is officially Spring. Not that I will have raspberries to pick yet, but why not virtually warm up!

And for those who wonder, no it is not an ant who landed on a rapsberry. I think I just need to get my eyes checked and get reading glasses! Charming!

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  1. Thanks for adding me in Flickr… my name there is Garmooosha…

    Your pics are excellent
    and i was wondering why all food , but after reading about you
    It is clear now why food and colors…

    God i feel so hungry after looking through your gallery 😉

    God bless you

  2. Bea,

    Sei grande! You are wonderful! Thank you for reminding me that spring is around the corner. And I think the raspberries are lovely … can’t wait to be enjoying the real ones!

  3. Thanks all for your nice comments.


    Anne, ah oui, le chocolat blanc, miam, superbe idée!!

    Fanny yes, raspberries, I can tell you are a fond of those great products!

  4. Nice shot. We have raspberries growing wild in the backyard and so many summer desserts get built around them. The best thing about our backyard thicket is that the berries taste of sun. Literally!

  5. spring indeed , just called friends in cannes and they told me its SPRING OUT THERE HURRAH…. lovely colour bea…