L’amour des prunes – My Love for Plums

Plum with orange syrup

Plums cooked in sugar with Cointreau Orange syrup

Rowena’s beautiful blog, Rubber Slippers in Italy, says “[…] one thing remains true. You can take the girl out of the island but you can’t take the island out of the girl.”

So true isn’t it? You are what you are and no matter where you live and what you do, you somehow keep characher traits for life.

I think I am pretty much like this: “[…] one thing remains true. You can take the girl out of the country side but you cannot take the country side out of the girl.”

    Dear mum and dad,
    Thank you for allowing me to play in fields,
    In our orchard full of trees,
    Plum trees,
    Apples trees,
    Cherry trees,
    Mirabelle trees,
    I remember climbing up those same trees,
    When other girls,
    Not me,
    Played dolls,
    And in the trees,
    We laughed,
    We giggled,
    And fruit we ate,
    Plums, apples, cherries,…
    I love plums!

To celebrate my love for plums, I baked. Histoire à suivre (Next episode to follow…)

Linguistic note:

English plum = French prune (n. f.) –> la prune
English prune = French pruneau (n. m.) –> le pruneau


This is what we call a false friend! (un faux-ami!)

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  1. Béa…GREAT picture…and I’m sure it tastes good too! Every picture you publish is an inspiration!

  2. Bea,
    What a beautiful picture! Your photos are full of summer, and as it is exceptionally cold down here I am always thrilled to look at your pics!

  3. il était temps que je découvre ce magnifique blog (désolée), vos photos sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres sans compter qu’elles mettent parfaitement en valeur vos recettes, Félicitations, Great job

  4. hello bea, thanks for passing by, it is true french is confusing. Words with x or no x.. pluriel or non pluriel ..Oh la la ! the spelling,the pronounciation.. the homonym.. synonym.. i admire how you speak and write french and english perfectly.
    The false friend…. i wonder the message is all about..
    Anyway.. i love prunes too.. especially the “reine claude”.
    I have little experience on climbing tree just to get the fresh fruit hanging and waiting. It is actually a neighbors tree… i am with some friends. When the lady saw us, she throw water on us to prevent us from picking the fruits from his trees.

  5. How do you say in French? “C’est magnifique!!!”
    Comment dites-vous en anglais? “It’s wonderful!!!”
    The pictures look tasty!!! 😉
    You’re in my favourite blogs.
    Have a nice day… wherever you are!!!

  6. Thanks Stephen for your nice note. I hope it continues this way 😉

    Catherine, thanks! Plums are delicious! Colour, texture, everything. Wait until you see the dessert!

    Anita, welcome back! I am calling for summer!

    Thanks Kat.

    Ez, merci bien. Ca réchauffe, n’est-ce pas?

    AnneE, Merci de ton gentil message! Je suis une fidèle du tien et me régale bien souvent. SI seulement je pouvais goûter!!!

    Gracianne, merci de ton message. Un vrai soleil, c’est vrai!

    Relly, ah mais le françasi, ce n’est pas de la tarte! 😉

    Miss Tiny, thanks for your note. I will check your blog as well! I am in Boston, USA 😉

  7. Bea – do you know what a pruneau d’Agen is? Is that a special type of prune? I had it at a restaurant once and it was really delicious.

  8. Oh Bea, how did I miss this post? I love mirabelles and look forward to growing a tree in my garden next year. They are just the most delicious fruit that I’ve ever tasted