Sculptures, DeCordova – Lincoln, MA

I love Art in general and even better when it can be appreciated outside (this is the country girl in me, put me in a field and I am happy!)

We went to visit the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park yesterday with my cousin’s daughter who was here for a visit.

A great Sunday and oh yes, this walk made me hungry!

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  1. Great place indeed! Well, we drove home but on the way back, stopped at HiRise for whole wheat baguette. And We had leftovers from the Shrimp Spring Risotto I had cooked, with a salad and Fromager des Clarines. Dessert was fresh fruit and yogurt! 😉

  2. i used to work on summer shows at the Cordova, and wander looking at the sculptures during our free periods! it’s a truly gorgeous place!

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