Halibut Point — Sunday in Boston Winter

These are the reasons why I like to live in Boston. One of our favorite things to do is simply take off with a picnic to a beautiful mountainous or oceany place for a hike. Sunday was Halibut Point, 1 hour North of Boston.

And as typical of those lunches, we had sushi and tea.

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  1. you and phil are the daytripping experts. i need more ideas from you.

    no wonder I was happier in Oslo (good food and fantastic outdoors)
    no wonder I was happier in Cannes (sea, old villages towards the mountain and food)

    maybe I should think of moving to Boston… its just so beautiful..

    and those sushi..

  3. Did some one say sushi? I haven’t had a California roll–or a Boston roll–in months! Ah well, a girl can dream can’t she? Hope you’re enjoying the invigorating sea air for the both of us.

  4. Ooh~your sushi looks great!!(You made it right??)
    All this time I thought you were in NZ…guess my reading skills are on the fritz!
    Great photos as always!!

  5. OMG! The sushi!! The SUSHI!!!! This is no good because I have a sushi fix right now. First you beguile me with that Fish Bouillabaisse post and now this. Funny thing is, I had to throw a dinner party for a bunch of my husband’s friends this past Friday night. What did I make? Tons of italian antipasti AND a little offering of sushi. What did they go for first? The sushi! Infact, they are probably expecting to be invited to the first all-you-can-eat sushi party that I host. 😉

  6. I did not make the sushi! Took a shortcut as we rushed out quickly and WholeFoods (for those who do not know it, it is a great organic store in the US) carry great ones, made there. I sometimes make my own but it has been a while, I should get back into it!

    Yes, Halibut Point is just beautiful. Boston has tons of great places around, so Rekha, yes, I can give you plenty of hints. Come along!

    Thanks to all for your nice comments. Much appreciated.


  7. Superbe, absolument superbe, je vais t’ajouter à mes favoris, je ne connaissais pas , ou alors j’ai du passer en vitesse une fois, bravo, ces photos sont appétissantes et splendides!

  8. Merci Mercotte. J’ai fait une soupe au fenouil moi aussi! 🙂
    Gerald, merci!

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  10. Je viens de découvrir ton blog et je suis sous le charme ! Et si en plus je te dis que Boston est ma ville de rêve et que j’ai envie d’y aller depuis plus de dix ans, tu comprends qu’on a plein de choses en commun :o) Tu es déjà dans les favoris de mon blog et mon netvibes….