I was tagged by Kiplog to answer this Meme questionnaire, Ten random and interesting facs about yourself (they don’t necessarily need to be food-related).

Well, where shall I start? In no order, these are random facts.

  • I got married on a very stormy day. We were just the two of us and were given the choice to get married either in the church or outside in a park, by the ocean. We chose the latter and the lurking storm started then. When we got back to the town hall to sign the papers, we were told the lightning had hit the church steeple and was on fire.
  • I did chain work in a cheese factory when I was a teenager.
  • I cannot snap my fingers but I can whistle with my fingers.
  • Already said this in a previous Meme, I cannot eat without putting food on my face.
  • I used to believe (I was a teenager then!) that the coolest job would be to instruct skiing so I took an instruction degree and for years, I could ski a lot for free (teenager dream, you know!)
  • A Tunisian man once wanted to buy me against 4 camels. I don’t know what to think about that.
  • I cannot sing the real words of English songs.
  • I have a Computer science degree but cannot program.
  • I taught French to Anna Paquin back in New Zealand.
  • I was enrolled in a first year Master’s program at a University in Illinois but the only two classes I attended were a Badminton class and a running class.

As for tagging others, hoping they are not going to hate me for passing this on, I will pass this to:

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  1. Catching up again on your previous posts…. wow! I had no clue about the Foodography event! A great idea for all food enthusiasts indeed. And oh! Mille grazie per i complementi! Me inspire anybody? I only strive to make people raving hungry….. 😉

    The chocolate-beet brownie I MUST try. It looks so moist, dark, and tempting (yikes! almost sounds like I’m describing a secret lover!). See here—your food photography did it for me!

    The fact that you taught Anna Paquin french is cool. WAY cool!

  2. Wow! Cool trivia. It’s the little facts about people that make them real (after you put them together like a giant puzzle…with missing pieces in the middle).

    Anyway! So glad you found my blog after meeting on flickr! I’ve been lurking about yours for a while…thanks to Gluten-Free-Shauna for pointing in this direction.

  3. The Anna Paquine fact is cool, yes, but I like the camel comment!!

    By the way, in large part inspired by your very easy description of making yogurt at home, I picked up the yogurt maker I’ve been eyeing since last fall. I can’t wait to try it out (and blog about it, of course). I’ve named my new toy “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

  4. are you worth 4 camels? wow! hmm which year was these, was these before those SUV terrain jeeps!

    did Anna P actually learned Francaise….

    this is interesting it shows you are daring, outdoorsy type…

    and you eat with food in your face.

    Je suis epuise.. it that right? I was at the gym for 3 hrs…and been fixing curtains all day.
    I have not even blogged the greek food I kitchen test .. Ok will do this
    I have to admit I maintain another blog which I am still working on but I will do this for fun.

  5. Hi Rowena,

    Ahaha, good good if the pic enticed you to cook it! I won! Yes teaching Anna Paquin was quite funny, we even trained her for an movie audition where she had to put on a very thick French accent!

    Hi Sasha,

    Delighted to see the pieces of the puzzle are getting completed! Gluten Free Girl is a great blog!

    Hi Tania,

    I cannot wait to hear your experience with the yogurt machine. Make sure that once you put the yogurts, you do not move them or touch the machine, it can disturb them. We have had a few bad experiences!! 😉 And the camels yes, funny, I was upset 😉 only 4 camels???

  6. Hi Sha,

    Aahah, this pic was in Iceland, beautiful place if you have not yet been, as I can see you are a traveller!

    Yes c’est exact. “Je suis épuisée” is what you say. Very good!

    Anna Paquin, did she learn French? 😉 well,, how can I put it? 😉 she probably had other things on her mind 😉

  7. I almost burst out loud in laugh earlier today. I was waiting for the bus -ipod, plugged- and singing along Beyoncé with her Baby Boy. I realised I didn’t know the words and just sang whatever…, I immediately thought about you!

  8. Hi Flo,

    Funny indeed!! Ahah, I guess it must be because we learned them when our English was very rusty and now, nothing can change what we learned. My Abba songs ahahah are terrible!!! 😉

    Hi Gastrochick,

    Food in your hair, ahah, I have had that too. And your hair is long! 😉 Cannot wait to read your random things 😉

    Hi Kat,

    Rain is a good sign, eh? 😉

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