Tomato Tarte Tatin Recipe

tomato tarte tatin recipe gluten free

Tomato Tarte Tatin Recipe

Maybe I should call this recipe the 3 Ts: Tomato Tarte Tatin. A tarte tatin is a very French business. And a tomato tarte tatin is everything I love about summer.

It’s sunshine on your plate: a blend of sweet and savory flavors; it’s a beautiful burst of color on your table too. So pretty and full of joy!

I don’t know about you, but this is the way I see some of upcoming lunches happen: a slice, or two, of tomato tart with a large salad on the side. One evening, I even decided to serve small portions of the tart on pretty slate plates to start a dinner with friends.

tomato tarte tatin recipe gluten free

So there you are. With the simple pleasures of what makes summer so special.

I wrote this recipe for the Boston Globe. I hope you’ll love it the way we did at home (and mine was prepared with a favorite gluten free pie pastry).


  1. I am SOOOO glad you posted this. Every time I go to Paris I eat the one at Les Philosophes at least once. I have tried making it here, but it never has quite come out right. Now I have a recipe start with and one I know will be great (since you made it). Thanks a mil Bea.

  2. Would you please give some further options for an alternative to Amaranth flour, as I’m unable to lay my hands on it…harder to find than gold dust in cape town!
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Bea !

    Plate looks very temptation 🙂
    There is no details about the pastry.
    What kind of pastry needs to be used.



  4. Hum… What a beautiful & tasty recipe !
    Unfortunately, actually, in France, summer is gone in holiday : the rain is pouring since several days (weeks ?).
    I do enjoy too a huge salade (with a lots of grains & different types of vegetables) to serve with a summer tart… But, for the moment, I will content myself to dream of some ray of light (it will come !), and have some delicious zucchini soup (or anything else hot & steamy !)…

    I am a big fan of tatin : my mother used to prepare the best tatin ever (apples).
    One of her secrets for it was to use apples cut in only 2 (half apple), so that the pieces were bigger than usually, but so much tasty & concentrated… ♥

  5. I have to confess, I am French, and from the South of France ! and never had Tomato tarte tatin !!! shame on me !!

  6. Une de mes recettes preferees dans votre genialissime livre de recettes!
    Any chance to see you in Austin,TX for a workshop or a book signing? That would be great!!

  7. Great looking Tarte Tartin, I have a tendency to over caremalise when I make this dish – although I haven’t made it with tomatoes. I’m sure it’s full of the falvour of summer, I wish the vine stalks were edible, they always smell so amazing. GG

  8. I had made the version from your book and they turned out great! Next time I’ll try caramelizing the tomatoes in a skillet as you describe in this recipe.

  9. This is so lovely! I’m visiting my parents and my father has more tomatoes in his garden than we know what to do with. I look forward to putting them to good use. Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Oh this recipe! You have a cherry tomato tarte tatin recipe in your book. I haven’t managed to find the time to make it (there are so many wonderful recipes to make) but I’m sure it will be one of the first things I’ll make when I return from my summer trip next week. Can’t wait!

  11. Très belle recette avec de magnifiques photos comme toujours. J’ai reçu ce midi dans ma BAL ton superbe livre de recettes, il est tellement beau que je pense aller me coucher avec 😉 Merci !

  12. It must be fate! I have a giant colander on the counter full of fresh picked tomatoes that were needing a little inspiration. Thank you for helping our summers be a little more special!

  13. ok i love your tarte, but i am even more impressed by your slate plates! those are fabulous!

  14. Yummy images! Love this savoury take! Can’t wait to cook it for my little one. Question; any idea where I can find the same gorgeous acrylic bright cutlery that you use on your blog? Desperate to find similar. Please advice

  15. Thank you so much everyone. I hope you love it!

    Elisa, Sabre is the company.

  16. Mmmmmmmm!!!! I experienced my very 1st Tomato Tartin this past year, and I guarantee it won’t have been the last! Can’t wait to give this recipe a try!

  17. Bea!
    How did I ever miss this. Oven roasted tomatoes are my very favourite. I cherish my garden tomatoes, plant a huge variety of heirlooms ones every year, and then preserve the slow roasted ones in jars with olive oil in the deep freeze to enjoy in the winter. They look exactly like your tomatoes do, here… I will have to read the recipe and make this – or something similar. Brilliant. Gorgeous. And, thank you!

  18. Gorgeous photos! And I love the slate plates. I love summer tomatoes but have never made a tomato tart. Can’t wait to give this a try!

  19. It’s in the oven. And now let’s hope the sun can start shining in Euope!

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  24. This looks insane and I cant believe its gluten free too!
    I love all your recipes – I have you as one of my inspirations on my site.

  25. This recipe looks beautiful. This is my first time to see your blog. I also very much enjoy the photography. I am looking for the gluten free pastry recipe to make this on the weekend but cannot find it on your site?

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  29. Bea, this tomato tarte recipe sounds MAGNIFIQUE. I love tomatoes. I am certainly going to try this one!!!

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  35. Bonjour Béa,

    votre lien est mort 🙁
    j’ai fait cette recette quelques fois il y a quelques années maintenant
    mais s’il vous est possible de la republier, cela serait génial !!!
    ce serait un soulagement presque haha
    tellement j’ai adoré cette recette

    mille mercis 🙂

  36. What a beautiful looking tart! Heirloom tomato season is almost over, so I need to hurry up and make this! Wonderful…thanks for sharing.