Food Styling and Photography workshop, May 2012 in France

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while now since my friend Lara and I started talking about running a food styling and photography workshop together. Yes! It took us some time to find a time when it both fitted our schedules. Yet we had found an amazing place to run it.

In my homeland.

We will have full details available soon *but* today, we’d like to share the essence of the workshop with you:


The beautiful Chåteau Ventenac in the south of France, in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Ventenac is located 20 minutes from the historic city of Narbonne, and 40 minutes from the Mediterranean coast. Both the Pyrénées (to the south) and the Cévennes mountains (to the north) are less than one hour away. The medieval city of Carcassonne lies 45 minutes to the west.


May 19 to 24, 2012

How many people:

8 (most of the rooms are shared, see the floor plan here), with possibilities of a few more depending on number; 2 instructors


A 5 night & 4 day food styling and photographing workshop with Lara Ferroni and myself.


US $2,200, excluding transportation.

Will be included: 5 nights accommodation, 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches & 2 dinners with wine–plus tea, coffee and soft drinks available all day.

Possible activities included are a winery tour, the visit to a French local farmer’s market, the renting of bikes–and more.

Let us know whether you are interested so that we can confirm this time slot!

We cannot wait to meet you there.

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  1. Tes photos et ton style me font rêver a chaque fois que je passe par ici. Ton travail est simplement superbe et délicieux.
    Bises californiennes.

  2. oh my goodness. this would be a dream … would lOVe to do this … hmmmm

  3. If only. . . . what a beautiful setting. Funny, I was just reading about a shop in Carcassonne, a sweet shop, with beautiful, carefully stacked piles of regional cookies. . . Take lots of photos!

  4. i’d love to come! i bet it’s gonna be such a fun week and i’m allready looking forward to seeing all the pictures!

  5. Magnifique, Béa: hopefully the first workshop of a long successful series. En plus, je retiens l’adresse du Chateau!

  6. Ok, I go to play the Lottery and let you know!!! would be a dream really…and also a dream to organize something like this in Italy:)

  7. Dear Beatrice, I am a peruvian art director specialized in food styling. I am an admirer of your work, find everything you do very inspiring and full of love. I would like so very much to attend the workshop you are hosting. Will it be in french? Or bilingual?

  8. Susana, thanks so much for your note. The workshop will be held in English–but of course, I can translate into French too!

  9. Hi Bea,
    I am very interested. One question… does the role of food stylist demand that you also be a photographer? I am a chef looking for a way out of the grind of the restaurant kitchen, but while I can take serviceable photos, its not what my passion is.

  10. Hello Martha,

    No you do not need to be a photographer if you are the stylist. As a matter of fact, most of the time, the professions are separate. There would be a food stylist and a food photographer. Sometimes, though, like in my case, you end up with someone who enjoys both equally. When a photographer does not know food or how to cook, they definitely need someone like you, the stylist. Hope this helps!

  11. Wow. I wish that I could afford this right now but it seems like the places are probably already filled so perhaps there will be a next year? 🙂

  12. Hi Heather,

    Actually we have not yet started the registration–although have received a fair number of emails about it. So if you are interested for this year, you obviously have your chance!

  13. Hi Bea,

    I will love to attend! I’m from Argentina. Please contactme, save me a place and count me in!!!! 😉

    Love Paula

  14. Hi Paula,

    Great to hear. We will keep you informed of the details. Thank you!

  15. What a wonderful workshop this is gonna be – you and Lara Ferroni!

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  17. Has registration been posted yet? The dates work for me and I want in!! One question: Would you be able to arrange for all offered meals to be vegetarian? I eat fish (not shellfish) too!

  18. Hi, I would love to attend. Are there any prerequsites?
    I have been looking for a course on food styling and photography. I would love to be able to do what you do. Please save me a place. I will be coming all the way from dubai.

  19. Definitely interested, this sounds wonderful! When is registration? How much down? Thank you:-)!

  20. Hi Bea! I’m really interested in this and would be absolutely delighted to attend! As loulou mentioned, are there any prerequisites? Cause I’m quite the beginner at this. If possible, do save me a place and i’ll be dropping down from singapore! (:

  21. I am very interested in joining .Please keep me posted and tell me (if possible) the requirements for me to join such an event

    Please keep me posted , and tell me what are the requirements for joining thank you

  22. Hi Bea, I’ve been wanting to improve my blog and have been planning to develop my own food photography and styling portfolio. However, I just now gave birth to baby number 3 and nursing. I am interested in joining a workshop next year (2013). Do you think you will be offering a similar workshop in 2013? If you are, please let mw know. I’d like to reserve early 🙂 Thank you very much!
    -Jen Laceda

  23. Thank you everyone. Glad that you like the idea. We will update with more info shortly. Thanks for your patience.

    Jen, many many congratulations on your new baby. Beautiful news! I surely hope there will be more workshops! 🙂

  24. Hi Bea, I read your blog regularly but I never comment, but this sounds like too wonderful of an opportunity to not pipe up. 🙂 I would LOVE to participate in this workshop if there is a space left open. I actually live in Boston (so I recognize many of the places nearby that you photograph), and I have been wanting to go back to France ever since I studied abroad there, and doing so while also improving my food photography and styling would be so amazing!

  25. I would love to go. I’ve been hoping to get to the south of France at some point and what a great opportunity to learn more!

  26. Bon Jour!
    I have been following your enchanting work on your website. I would like to sign up for your workshop. Please keep me posted on all of the plans along with registration information…very excited about the possibility of being a part of this delightful experience.

  27. Will be in France at this time and would love to reserve a spot.
    Please add me to the list of interested attendees.

  28. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring. I would LOVE to explore photography and food styling. I am a retired restaurant owner/chef/baker and devout foodie!

  29. LOVE your work and beautiful! Congrats on the new book..well deserved! I would LOVE to come to this Food Styling/Photography conference in France..I am currently taking an online class with Lara Ferroni and Ron Goldman as we both are truly talented and an inspiration to me as a food stylist, chef and photographer!

  30. Seems there are quite a few people who would like to join you. Maybe you should think about a week in July as well. I would be interessted joining you maybe in May.

  31. I would like to join this workshop, please keep me update the information by e-mail. Thank you.

  32. Hi, that’s a fantastic proposal – nice place and time really good for visiting France. I would like to attend. Please let me know when I can make a reservation. Merci,

  33. Hi there! I just found out about this wonderfull oppurtunity and would love to learn more about foodstyling and foodphotography to upgrade my Dutch foodblog (this name means something like the love for the tasty things in life). You are a big inspirator for me, therefore it would be great if it’s possible to join the course. Please contact me if it’s still possible.
    And so funny, I just planned a trip to NY and would love to buy your book over there! Bye bye, Philippine

  34. Can’t remember how I got to your site, but as a travel photographer planning to expand into food photography, I am very interested in your workshop. Considering that you will be limiting attendance to a very small number of people, would it be possible to know whether you already have enough applicants? Any openings left?

  35. Hi I work in publishing across a variety of food titles and I thin your work looks stunning. I’m really very interested in your food styling workshop. Do you plan to run any more later this year?

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  39. It would be my dream to join you if you decide to do this again!

  40. Am interested in a 2013 workshop. Please let me know, thanks.

  41. Thanks Adeena. The new workshops will be posted on the site, so make sure to come back for updates.