I had a cauliflower gratin recipe


I forgot to tell you on thing.

Back in early December, I wrote a cauliflower recipe for the Boston Globe. I had found beautifully colored varieties of cauliflower at the market and I fell in love. I bought more than I needed, but I yet knew I would find home to these jewels. They are irresistible, even when you don’t care much for cauliflower.

gratin cauliflower gluten free tartine gourmande

Cauliflower Gratin

Because I am French, the idea of a gratin came naturally to me. So I prepared a cauliflower gratin. A light one. One where the vegetables are topped with a mixture of fresh herbs, ground nuts, crème fraiche (of course!), grated cheese and garlic. One that lets the vegetable breathe and lead the dance.

I simply love this recipe. I hope you do too. The recipe was published on December 28, and I simply missed to let you know….

gratin cauliflower gluten free tartine gourmande


  1. Beautiful as usual Bea! I love it when I see all those coloured cauliflowers at the market here. It’s always such a surprise for people who’ve never seen anything but white cauliflowers…

  2. Absolutely amazing colours! I’d eat that gratin just for its looks even though I highly dislike cooked cauliflower.

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  4. Beautiful! That gratin looks so appetizing. I really love all those colors. The first picture is exceptional.



  5. Wow, all these beautiful colours! probably makes people eat cauliflower who’d usually dislike it.

  6. you ALWAYS make the MOST wonderful things I can even taste them thru your images XX Fay

  7. Oh my, those colors are outstanding!!! The photos are breathtaking!!

  8. Yes, really beautiful, the colors. Last Sunday I sliced a whole head of cauliflower and then roasted it in the oven with olive oil and sea salt, so good. An underrated vegetable for sure.

  9. Oooh, I’m going to try this over the weekend. All my wintertime veggie dishes either involve a soup or a gratin, so this is right up my ally.

  10. Béa, je continue de suivre ton blog avec beaucoup d’interet et de plaisir. Un des raisons est que j’aime savoir quels sont les fruits et legumes que tu cuisines en fonction des saisons. Mais aussi ce que tu trouves ici localement dans la région de Boston. Comme toi j’imagine j’adore aller sur les marchés et ceux ci me manquent beaucoup ! J’aimerai beaucoup que tu rajoutes dans tes posts où tu vas faire des courses, quels sont les marchés que tu fréquentes et ce qu’on y trouve. Merci :))

  11. Those are beautiful colors of cauliflower! I had cauliflower so fresh from the farm (where I worked) that the taste almost made your tongue sort of tingly-numb. It is what I have come to expect from raw cauliflower.

  12. just that first photo…wow. absolutely gorgeous. everything else, too, but that first one took my breath away.

  13. I have never seen cauliflower that is any colour other than white. Your photos do them justice. Stunning.

  14. Wow! I’m shy to admit that I’ve never seen colored cauliflowers before! They look like gorgeous jewels and perfect for a wintry evening 🙂 Bea your pictures are marvelous as always 🙂

  15. I’ve never seen a prettier gratin! I have lots of cauliflower from my CSA box. i will most certainly try this.

  16. I love multicoloured cauliflower. I’ve spotted some at the store near my house. I think this gratin is the perfect “excuse” for buying some beautiful cauliflower. Thanks for the recipe and your images are gorgeous!

  17. I’m reading your blog on my smartphone device! Glad to know that your blog is phone-friendly 🙂 love the multi-coloured cauliflower! We always have these in my local market. Gorgeous colours!

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  19. Über cauliflower informiere ich mich regelmäßig. Danke also für deinen Blogpost zum Thema. Vielen Dank dafür, Ann-Christin.

  20. So inviting despite that the cauliflower it’s considered a “difficult” vegetable.. 🙂

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