A Favorite in Paris: la Place des Vosges

La Place des Vosges in Paris
Or how to spend my last day walking in Paris
We shall talk soon, once I am on the other side of the big blue again.
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  1. J’ai passé entire apres-midi dans ces bancs là… à lire a voire a penser.
    Tres beaux photos.


    P.s. pardon mon francais

  2. Les vosges! beautiful place, I visited years ago and I found one!
    Compliments for the photos, especially those big black and white:)
    Carla di lettoemangiato

  3. hello,

    peux tu me dire où tu loges quand tu es sur Paris (si jamais tu loges dans un hôtel, bien sûr !! héhé) ?


  4. hello
    one of my absolute favourite places in paris too!! (i lived around the corner for 3 years.) thanks for the photos, they brought back beautiful memories!!


  5. We love the Place des Vosges, too – one of our favorites! Love the nannies tending the very privileged children and the couples spooning on the grass… *sigh* I miss it!

  6. Thank you very much to all! Had a safe flight home! 😉


    Cette fois ci, j’ai loue un petit appartement dans le Marais, rue Rambuteau, a cote de Beaubourg. Tres tres central, par Citalys. C’est moins cher que l’hotel, et tu peux cuisiner, tres important pour moi… 😉

    L’appartement convenait bien, sans etre le top du top 😉 Juste assez pour etre bien le temps d’un passage.
    PS: j’ai essaye de t’envoyer un email mais mon message a ete renvoye. Probleme de serveur?

  7. I’m enjoying your trip to Paris via your photos…lovely. I like the b/w of the man on the park bench.

  8. Tu prends les plus belles photos de Paris! Incroyable qu’un mag de voyage ne t’es pas deja choppee!!
    Have a safe trip back!

  9. This is one of my favorite places in Paris, too! You probably know of this, but there is a little shop there where you can find vintage designer clothes, like Coco Chanel. Have you been there?
    I studied in Paris during college and then planned a trip just for my mother and I two years later. It was the best bonding experience we’d ever had. What a fabulous city! Thanks for the photos; they take me back.

  10. I love la place des voges as well. there is not a single time i go to Paris when i do not go there, walk around, soak the atmosphere. how wonderful to see it through your eyes.

  11. one of my favorite neighborhoods!! there is too much to love

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