White Chocolate Millefeuille, Chocolate Chantilly and Raspberries — Millefeuille au chocolat blanc, chantilly chocolatée et framboises

Friday it is and Andrew from Spittoon Extra announced Sugar High Friday #17. For the event, I had a desire to make something simple, clean and milky! And since I am a major chocolate fan, I had to find something to satisfy both the event and me! But more importantly me!

When it comes to chocolate, I am usually not going for white. A nice rich dark is what attracts my papilles (my dictionary says gustatory papilla, is that right you English speakers??) When I browsed through Trish Deseine’s Je veux du chocolat, I just could not help but want to try everything. Ok, but back to square 1, it had to find a recipe with ingredients wearing white, those looking milky and creamy. I browsed through the pages, “yes maybe that, or what about this one, ah la prochaine fois (next time), next page” and then I suddenly stopped. Yes yes, I had found my little baby showing its beauty with pride, all attired in white chocolate with its matching creamy mousse!

The photo and simplicity of the dessert I saw then just got me. I had a plan and my mission was started. I had to get quality white chocolate, good cream, fresh raspberries, and Le tour serait joué! A very easy dessert, yet purely satisfying.

Millefeuille au chocolat blanc, chantilly chocolatée et framboises – White Chocolate Millefeuille, Chocolate Chantilly and Raspberries

You need:

  • 200 g + 100 g white chocolate (I used Valrhona)
  • 10 cl heavy cream to make chantilly
  • 400 g fresh raspberries
  • 2 to 5 tbsp confectioner sugar
  • Wild Australian Wattle seeds (which is my personal addition, not in the original recipe. They are a little treasure given to me by my friend Kim! Thanks Kim, I love those seeds! They can be bought online at Zingerman’s.

Note on wattle seeds:
Seeds of a variety of acaria collected by Aboriginal people West of the Great Divide, roasted and ground to amplify their natural nutty flavor. Great with chocolate and nuts.


  • Melt 200 g chocolate using the bain-marie method.
  • Pour the chocolate on top of a silicone sheet, make it even with the help of a cookie cutter, and let cool until cold (I placed in the fridge to speed up the process a bit).
  • When you reach this stage, cut 12 small rectangular pieces.
  • Whip the cream into chantilly and add the remaining melted white chocolate.
  • Add the wattle seeds (optional).
  • Take a small plate where you place a white chocolate rectangular.
  • Top over with the white chocolate cream (use a decoration bag).
  • Place another chocolate rectangular over and press gently.
  • Place some cream, a few raspberries and some cream over. The cream serves as “glue” for the dessert to stay in place.
  • Place the last rectangular on top, pressing gently again.
  • Decorate with confectioner sugar.

Note: I made individual portions, about 1.5 inch by 4 inches.

As much as I am not a white chocolate eater, I really enjoyed this simple dessert.

Adapted from Trish Desseine’s
Je veux du chocolat


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  1. I like the idea a lot!! Despite noyt being fond of white chocolate, looks great though, creamy white…thanks for reminding me about the SHF, I know what to do but I just have to do it! Came back yesterday from Sweden so I haven’t had time to cook yet!

  2. Wow, this looks delicious Bea. And the picture is gorgeous. I also love the pic of the Valrhona white chocolate bar.

  3. Looks really nice and I love the picture. You’re right : the Valrhona white chocolate is really good even for those who think they don’t like white chocolate.

  4. Très jolie recette! Je l’avais repérée dans le livre, mais je ne l’ai pas encore testée…
    Très belle présentation, elle donne envie de manger du chocolat blanc 🙂

  5. Millefeuille one french word i love to breath when I drop at the patisserie……no need of translation my rudimentary french words is good when it comes to food words….

    and bea I will still have to do mine tomorrow
    and u did a wonderful french dessert here

    I have been curious on that wattle seeds
    is this expensive
    might as well ask my family to send me some

  6. Superbe photo et belle réussite de tes feuilles de chocolat ! C’est sûr que l’ Ivoire de valrhona n’est comparable à aucun autre chocolat blanc et quand on a commencé à faire des desserts avec on ne s’en lasse pas ! bravo, plus joli que celui de Trish !

  7. I am not a white chocolate eater much, but ONLY because I never think to buy it and eat it. But I can really taste the white chocolate and raspberries in my mind (if that makes sense!) and I want to try this!

    I love your blog, I love your photos, I love you and everything you write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. C’est la 1ere fois que je laisse un commentaire mais c’est pas 1a 1ère fois que je viens voir tes merveilles culinaires et photographiques, c’est SUBLIME !!

  9. Bea,
    Very charming presentation! Yup, I think the white chocolate matchs with raspberries better than the dark. And that white chocolate’s photo is simply stunning!

  10. Another person who doesn’t like white chocolate here! But maybe if I try Valrhona I’ll change my mind, who knows. Love raspberries though, so I enjoyed your photos.

    One question: how do you eat this lovely creation without it crumbling/squishing all over?

  11. Dear Bea,

    Thank you so much for your comments on Tea and Cookies–and for the link. This dessert looks amazing! I DO like white chocolate (I have very poor taste in chocolate I’m afraid, I like white and milk but not the really nice darks). Though I fear my version will be nowhere as lovely as yours.

    Your site is beautiful! The photos are an inspiration to me. I’ll be visiting you often!

  12. Le chocolat blanc est une invention aussi tordue que savoureuse. il est pour les gourmands.

    crevindiou ce mille feuilles outrepasse la bienseance

  13. Bea, You are a fantastic photographer and cook! Yummmy! I was in Suisse so I am off to read all of what I missed last week 🙂

  14. Splendide Béa. Bravo, même si comme toi, je n’aime pas trop le chocolat blanc. Le résultat est magnifique et tes photos toujours aussi belles.

  15. Kat, thanks for your nice note, once more!

    Sylvie and Papilles, merci!

    Ilva, no worries, I was early ïn the event as Andrew told me. I also lost track of time and thought yesterday was the day 😉

    Merci Fanny, I am sure you can easily do it! I have seen your creations too!

    Pascale, thank you! Yes indeed Valrhona is great chocolate to make you discover other flavors! I was surprised to like it that much.

    Merci ooishigal, essaye, c’est vraiment facile.

    Sha, Wattle seeds are not expensive actually, I think about $15 for a small jar. And you do not need much each time. I love the taste.

    Mercotte, tu es l’expert de Valrhona, alors je reviendrai voir tes merveilleuses creations!

    Matt, thanks for your nice note ahahahh, wait until you see how much of a pain I can be! 😉

    Francesca, my dear, you came, how do you say it? too late . Mind you, it is not at your house that goodies are missing!!! I come any time!

    Sali, Merci beaucoup de ton message. Tres gentil. Reviens quand tu veux!

    Gattina,thanks for your note. I agree white and red are better colours together for this dessert.

    Fabienne, merci mais non non, really, I try my best but I have a lot to learn, believe me!

    Barbara, thanks! I am glad you like it!

    Liz, well well ahah, good question. You have to be careful and use your fingers. I seriously cut it into 2 small halves to make it easier and it worked. But even if it falls, which happened for the second one we ate, it really does not matter as it is too good!

    Tarzile, merci bien! Lovely things on your blog btw!

    Tea, thanks for your nice note. I am glad you enjoyed my blog and pics. I enjoy doing it a lot if it does not yet show! Well as to you, your text amongst other things is great inspirational source for me. I learn so much good English, witty and funny!

    Ez, ah c’est drole. Ca faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas entendu cette expression Crevindiou! Le millefeuille? Trop tard, il est mange!

    Riana, thanks a lot! Hope you got a lot of good chocolate while in Switzerland!

    Sophie, Merci a toi. Comme toute chose, quand on achete des produits de qualite, ca ne peut etre que bon, meme si on se dit “J’aime pas!”

  16. This looks just beautiful! And as for the language question, I think the plural would be gustatory papillae.

  17. Bea,

    This is truly stunning!

    I have been keeping my eye on Trish’s book but you have now convinced me to buy it.

    You are incredibley talented and marvelous! Thank you for making this and sharing it …

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