Leftovers à la française

In the family, we rapidly nicknamed my mother “la reine des restes” (the queen of leftovers) because she’d make a point of keeping every scrap of food, keeping in the fridge variously sized containers filled with leftovers that most people would eventually dispose of. Except that with my mum, these always ended up somehow inside another dish. Ping, just like that!

Like her, I am always extremely satisfied when I am able to use up every piece of produce I have before buying fresh ones.

You too?

So naturally, I was excited to contribute to the winter issue on Food Waste of Edible Boston–also Edible Worcester as a matter of fact.

I wrote an article and created 4 recipes about this topic: apple and almond gratins with chocolate bits; a cake au saumon; a hachis parmentier; and red kuri squash and quinoa fritters.

I hope you will like these new recipes and also think about ways to give a second life to your scraps of food and bits of leftovers.

You will feel a sense of satisfaction, I promise!


Did you notice I am back here? 😉

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  1. I’m glad you’re back! Social media can be draining and sometimes it’s nice to have this quiet space. That’s how I feel about my own blog, I don’t get the traffic like I did a few years ago, so I just post a couple times a month, but I still enjoy it and it feels like a break from all the noise, and ads! Keep them coming! 🙂

  2. I am so happy that you are back again as I missed you. Beautiful recepies👌. I love to make dishes with leftovers especially at the end of the week before the Friday market in my neighbourhood.

  3. So happy you are back!
    My other favorite “blogueuse” came back recently as well.
    I just made your chocolate raspberry tarte, fabulous!

  4. so happy you are back and love your photos you post even this one , it is incredible

  5. Did I notice?? I was so glad to see that you’ve posted and also provided links to recipes.That was economical!
    I have leftover sweet potato to substitute for red Kuri. I made the turnip tarte tatin this weekend to use up some turnips and it was absolutely delicious. Thanks!

  6. Quel bonheur de vous retrouvez…..surtout par ces temps de stress !
    You’ve made my day 😍
    Il est 6:30 en France et je vais petit déjeuner le sourire aux lèvres

  7. Wow. Your blog has incredibly beautiful and stylish photos. The food styling is top. Love it.

  8. Quel heureuse surprise ! Je désespérais de ne jamais plus vous lire ni de me délecter de vos photos
    Pleaaase don’t leave again 😉