March 20, 24, 2014: A workshop at Lake Memphrémagog in Québec


I grew up in a rural part of northeast France with good winters. I imagine that this naturally planted the seed for my love for the snow and a wintry landscape. I started to ski when I was young and have remained an avid skier throughout my adult life.

After I traveled to Ireland with Angela to run an Ace camp this past September–I still have to write about it as a matter of fact–she and I left it to this: let’s do another workshop together.

Right away, we thought about something that would talk to her and me in the same way. We thought about something during winter (Angela is Canadian, and as to me, well I am not Canadian, but perhaps I could since I am such a snow addict).

So there you are. We are super pleased to have a food styling and photography workshop to offer at Lake Menphremagog in Québec in March. See the details below as you can find them on Ace Camps:

Think early spring Quebec in the Eastern Townships, think maple sugar time, a Victorian mansion on Lake Memphremagog, a snow shoe picnic in Parc National du Mont Orford and a chance to learn about styling and photographing “winter” food like raclette or fondue savoyarde. Think what it would be like to learn about and savour the food of Quebec made for you by a special chef – Alison Bell who has her Master’s Degree in Gastronomy.

This 3 day workshop with Béatrice Peltre, in the small town of Georgeville, Quebec will have an emphasis on styling shots for entertaining, outdoor snow picnics and a visit to learn about the making of maple syrup at a sugar house or cabane à sucre.

If you are interested in learning about food styling and photography while spending time learning about the foods of Quebec this is your chance. SLR is required with understanding of basic elements of photography such as aperture, exposure, shutter speed. Tripod and a computer with photo imaging software is a plus.

If you are interested in joining, please go to Ace Camps for more details about the registration process and costs. Angela will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Looking forward to meeting you soon ! Winter is fun!



Last year, P., Lulu and I had traveled with friends to Mont Tremblant in Québec to take a ski vacation. The pictures in this post are from our time.

What a beauty that trip was!



  1. Dear everybody.

    I had the great pleasure and joy to participate in Béa’s food styling and photography workshop in Ireland last year, and it was utterly fantastic. Béa is an enormously talented stylist, chef and photographer and is a wonderful teacher of all these disciplines. And on top of that she is an incredibly warm, humorous and deeply rewarding woman to be with.

    So do you wish to get inspired and fuelled with new learning, don’t hesitate to sign up for her new workshop 🙂

    Enjoy! And happy new year to all of you.

    Sif Orellana

    Cookbook author * food photographer * publisher

    Copenhagen – Denmark

    My two latest books are nominated for “Best in the World 2013” by Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

  2. The course sounds very interesting. Love the photos and would really enjoy learning more. I have one question. Is the course taught in French or English?

  3. Sif, what a sweet note. Thanks so much my dear! It was such a delight to get to know you and see how your photos evolved. Cannot wait to see your next book!
    Thanks all. Very kind.

  4. Hi, why do you post photos advertising delicious eats and not have proper links to the recipes? Your food is why i follow and support your blog but i am frustrated again. Cant find any recipes. Am I missing something?

  5. Linda,

    Sorry I am not posting many recipes these days simply because I don’t have the time to write. I understand you may be frustrated. I am also frustrated that I am not able to keep up with all the other work I have to do. I hope it will change once my second book is written–which is what takes a lot of my current work time. Thanks again!

  6. I live in Quebec, and I can tell you, when the sun comes out in the spring + the snow, it’s such a special experience. We had an AMAZING spring last year! And when you get to experience a real cabin de sucre and tire d’erable outside it’s so much fun and makes beautiful photos!!!

  7. Every trip to Canada is beautiful, isn’t it :)? I had no idea someone from France could be this much Canadian inside, it feels good to find this kind of affinity. Pictures are beautiful ;). Enjoy the winter and stay warm!

  8. That looks great! As I am from Québec (I now live in UK), these pictures warm my heart 😉

  9. ¿Por que esta todo en ingles?
    Escuche el comentario de esta pagina en el programa de Tete,me intereso.Pero lamentablemente no se ingles:Adios

  10. J’adore ton blog, que j’ai découvert grâce à My Little Box. Je vais essayer d’ici quelques minutes ton tiramisu en verrines. Quel logiciel/filtre utilises-tu pour tes photos? La couleur est très jolie.

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  13. What a fabulous recipe and delicious recipe book.. I’ll keep my eye out for it! The mango in this flips my switch! Delicious share Heidi! Thank you!