Screaming for a Light Dessert — Envie de fraîcheur dans un dessert

sabayon fruit apple berries dessert

Fruit Sabayon

Yes indeed!

The need for a simple dessert, and refreshing.

I am not complaining — well, I am actually a little — but it is so hot outside! Where did this come from suddenly? We are only early June, after all!

Promise, I will let you know about the dessert very soon — this one is a fruit sabayon with berries — when I am able to gather my thoughts! Probably after a swim or something to cool us down.

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  1. This looks SO good and also refreshing… can’t wait for the recipe! We’re dying of heat exhaustion over here in West Roxbury too. BTW – I think your site’s new design is really beautiful and I LOVE your photo graphs!

  2. I think I could eat this sabayon with any temperature… it looks fabulous! I love the idea of putting all those red fruits in it.

  3. Bea, It’s so hot! We are resigning ourselves to salads and sandwiches these days. Who would dare turn on the stove?
    Pretty picture. I’m always attracted to red 🙂

  4. That looks delicious! I love Sabayon…

    You are lucky to have a hot June! Here, it is constantly grey, fresh and raining…



  5. Yes, the mercury has been hovering over a 100F this past few days. A refreshing light dessert is in order…like this sabayon and berries!

  6. Sounds lovely! It’s hot here too… well for San Francisco it’s hot… we’re wimpy.

  7. hang in there! the weather is going to cool down in a few days! these berries look so inviting!

  8. It`s very nice, I love it very much, but where are red currents. Red currennts is my favorite berries….

  9. would you mind sending some of that heat over to Washington?…I don’t want anything miserably hot, but it’s feeling like winter here! anyway, I am very curious about your delicious looking dessert and will be back to find out more. thanks for the beautiful little post.

  10. awesome choice!

    Another favorite of mine for hot days are Elsylee’s San Miguel cookies (Iced Lemon cookies). They are refreshingly tart, sweet, awesome. I have them with my favorite gelato.

  11. Northern California is scorching hot for the past few days! I need some sabayon and fruits to cool me down too!

  12. I’m glad to see that it’s hot around the country. Can we get some Love in Seattle? Please?
    58 degrees yesterday for a high.
    Also-this looks fabulous!

  13. This looks so delicious no matter what the weather is. You have a very beautiful website. 🙂

  14. Hi there, I found your blog in flickr. I love your photos and your work also probably because I like French style things. Your photos are so colourful that really increase my appetite. I am a newbie in blogging and photo taking. I like food alot too, my dream is also to combine my food passion to work but probably this dream will never be come true.

  15. salut
    tu me manque lla duree comme toute la france me manque
    j ai vraiment besoin de prendre un pos sue les champs et de prendre la queue poue avoir un delicieux dinner a l entre_cote de paris et de delicieux macarons a la duree peut etre un jour