Birthday Girl in Rome — Un an de plus, à Rome

Strawberry and Rhubarb Tartlets

Let me tell me you a little more about today, and Rome.

If you had told me a few months ago that I would be in Rome for my birthday, I would not have believed you. I mean, how spoiled am I? It feels like a real dream to be in such a city today. I will have so much to tell you about Rome and the romans.

So I guess today is my birthday, the day when I count a few more wrinkles, but so much more wisdom! N’est-ce pas ?

I won’t have the time to share a recipe with you I am afraid, even if I am dying to tell you about this scrumptious dessert — I made it before I left. As you can imagine, a birthday girl in Rome has plenty on her plate to do before the day is gone!

But I thought to celebrate a piece of this special day with you anyway, especially since it celebrates a few of my dear friends too: lovely Anita from Dessert First in San Francisco — she and I decided to both prepare a strawberry rhubarb tart today — my dear Tina in Melbourne, and Melissa in New Zealand. How cool is that to have the same birthday as them?

So what about the tart, you will ask?

You know my love for strawberries, and rhubarb too. So I decided to treat myself with two of my favorite things in a dessert, and made sweet tartlets with fresh strawberries, a vanilla flavored rhubarb compote with a light vanilla custard , everything on top of a sweet crust made with rice and quinoa flours. When I come back, I will have to take the time to write it down for you.

Today in Rome?

It was hot; it was fun.

We walked until our legs felt heavy and sore.

We ate; we shopped; and we even had a drink with the lovely Sigrid and her husband.

I wish that every day was like today. But then, that would make me very very old indeed, so let’s forget about that part, shall we?

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  1. happy birthday!!! =)
    and congratulations for your blog, is great!!!

  2. Happy happy birthday Bea!

    Your tarts are so beautiful and delicious looking (as always!)

    I hope you having a lovely time in Rome – I love the picture of you with the umbrella!

    gros bisous, Anita

  3. I think it is so cute that you and Anita both made the same gorgeous tart for your birthdays. Happy Birthday Bea.

  4. Beautiful sounding vacation! Happy Birthday! and the tarts look scrumptious.

  5. happy birthday-” it sounds so lovely! definitely see the happiness in your smile
    attraversiamo” (reading eat pray love)

  6. Happy Birthday!
    Rome looks lovely, the sight of all that sunshine warms me up a little in the New Zealand winter.

  7. Happy Birthday! I was able to celebrate my 30th birthday in Rome a few years ago, and it was a magical day. I’m sure yours was as well.

  8. Joyeux anniversaire à la plus talentueuse et la plus merveilleuse d’entre toutes.

  9. Happy belated birthday!

    Rome is a great place to celebrate! Those tartlets look wonderful!



  10. quelle chance de fêter son anniversaire à Rome. bon anniversaire et profites bien des gelattis et autres douceurs romaines

  11. Happy birthday Bea! I can’t imagine a better way to spend a birthday than in Rome. How lucky are you! Enjoy your European vacation and keep on photographing!

  12. buon compleano !!! et profite de ces precieux moments en Italie et surtout avec ton mari !

  13. En retard , cela ne m’empêche pas de te souhaiter bon anniversaire quand même. Profites bien de ton séjour, pendant ce tant, je dégusterai cette tartelette.

  14. Happy Birthday Bea!! Looks like you’re having a great time. The tartlets look amazing. I really can’t think of a better bday treat. Cheers!

  15. Magnifique Béa… j’en ai l’eau à la bouche ! Profite bien de ton séjour en Europe et très joyeux anniversaire ! Bises.

  16. Dis donc, quel beau voyage et quelle meilleure occasion qu’un anniversaire? Je suis sûre que ça a dû être formidable! Et ta recette est alléchante, j’ai hâte de pouvoir la tester! ,)
    Joyeux anniversaire en retard!

  17. Bon Anniversaire, Béa! And many more. I also just celebrated my birthday on May 1 – i turned 30!! 🙂 Hope you are having fun in Rome!

  18. Oh Happy birthday !!!! I hope you have enjoyed your time in Rome ! And your tartlets of course !

  19. Bon Anniversaire Bea! I am jealous you are in Rome – what a wonderful city to be celebrating in! Enjoy and have a wonderful trip!

  20. Très bon anniversaire Béa! Et j’ai hate de découvrir la recette d ces jolies tartelettes!

  21. Bon anniversaire Béa! Happy Birthday!!! I’m delighted with your blogg… it’s gorgeous!!! Everything…the photos perfectly arranged in their colours, forms and themes,I love the recipes that you present with such a delicate taste and the way you describe them or just when you talk about you daily life&thoughts. I envy you!:-D I became a true admirer of yours since I discovered you in January and this is the first time I leave a message. J’éspère que tu aies passé un superb jour d’anniversaire à Rome et que tu continues à fair cettes délices et cettes belles fotos, Felicidades desde España! Natalie 😉

  22. Happy Birthday / Bon anniversaire Béa! I hope you enjoyed your time in Rome~ looks like nice weather compared to Melbourne :(!
    Wonderful city and once again, wonderful food! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for the tartlets recipe to come!

  23. Oooh, a birthday in Rome – how fantastic! Hope you had a wonderful day – it certainly sounds like it. I think one should always go somewhere wonderful on your birthday (I was in Barcelona this year) – it softens the blow of those extra wrinkles 😉

  24. I also celebrated a birthday in Rome – my 29th! and I bet you did not know that about me ; )

  25. Happy Birthday Bea! I just returned from 5 wonderful days in Rome! My husband and I loved every minute! Enjoy!!!

  26. Joyeux Anniversaire Bea!!! malheureusement tu liras certainement mon petit mot ecrit de San Francisco un peu tard mais mieux vaut tard que jamais. Profite bien de Rome, quoi rever de plus beau pour son anniversaire?

  27. Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us! Remind me to give you the rhubarb and strawberry rustic pie recipe – also delicious not quite as beautiful looking as yours. Have a fabulous time.

  28. Happy Birthday~!~ Rome, wow…what a celebration! I’m looking forward to that tart recipe when you return, after you enjoy your self in Italy! Looks gorgeous and sounds delish! Rrrrrrrrrooooommmmme, sigh!

  29. Joyeux anniversaire Bea!
    Tes belles photos de Rome m’ont vraiment donné envie de retourner la bas…

  30. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Joyeux anniversaire Bea from your (almost) daily reader from Austria. Congratulation to that wonderful life you seem to have. Your blog is always an inspiration!

  31. Buon Compleanno! tes photos sont superbes. On dirait une belle italienne, avec la touche charming a la francaise! Merci pour toutes ces recettes. Un birthday cake comme ca: oui, j’en veux bien un! Bonne fin de vacances! et Auguri!

  32. Happy happy birthday Bea! What a wonderful way to spend a birthday…and you look fantastic and dreamy in Roma!

  33. Birthday in Rome! Ah, the sweet life for you.
    I’ve started checking your blog out recently and I’m hooked!
    Love your spirit, and your photos. Thanks!

  34. Happy belated birthday! Another group of Taurus …Yeah!! I dis the same thing with Kajal of Applemint last year and we plan to do it again this year!!
    I could agree more to your choice of fruits!
    Have a lovely time in Italy!

  35. Many many thanks everyone for your sweet words! It was a very special day indeed, and you make it even nicer! Forget about the wrinkles 😉

  36. Joyeux anniversaire. J’adore ton blog et essaye souvent tes recettes.
    Une expat a cleveland

  37. Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones 🙂

    And what lovely birthday ‘cakes’ you have there! 😛

  38. Bon anniversaire (en retard!!!) et bienvenue en Italie!!! Je suis à 250 km de Rome, et je l’aime beaucoup trop!!!

    J’aime ton blog aussi, et j’ai profité de l’occasion pour laisser mon premier commentaire..à bien tot!

  39. I’m a strawberry lover. This cake looks delicious, I will prepare it for sure very soon for my son’s birthday.
    Anyway happy birthday and what can I say? since I’m italian, travelling a lot, I want to tell you that Rome is one of my favourite cities in the world, romantic, charming,historical….wonderful food and people.

  40. Joyeux anniversaire, Bea!! hope you had a brilliant day (I’m sure you did!). Lovely photos of a lovely place.

  41. Feliz Cumple! It is wonderful that you are in Rome-and I’m so glad you are enjoying it! Hey…I have strawberries, and rhubarb! Hmmm…guess I’ll have to wait for you to get back! Lovely photos.

  42. Nous sommes taureau toutes les je suis du 30 avril …C’est une bonne année qui s’annonce ….Demain je mets ta recette des gnocchis avec ton lien…C’était super bon et un vrai délice sous le palais…Continue de nous faire rêver..j’aime beaucoup…

  43. Happy birthday! I recently discovered your blog, and I’m hooked. It combines the 2 things I love – cooking and photography. 🙂

    Have a great time in Rome! x

  44. i think i know where that picture of you with the parasol was taken – was it near the piazza navona on a little square? there’s a restaurant garden in the middle and they serve amazing food… could it be?

  45. Joyeux Anniversaire, Bea! En retard…
    Un an de plus, and many more enjoying beautiful food and photography!

  46. Happy Birthday! Tu en as de la chance, c’est une ville fantastique.
    Another “May girl”

  47. many thanks everyone once more!

    Johanna, it was not where you described but it could well have been since we walked across this piazza many times!

  48. Joyeux anniversaire! Et, plus d’actualite ;-), bon sejour a Paris ! J’y etais ce week end, mais retour au Minnesota dans 2 jours…
    Tes recits sont spendides; merci! A chaque fois je me dis que je viens de visiter la plus belle region au monde, via ton blog 😉

  49. Je viens de découvrir qu’outre nos origines lorraines, nous sommes nées le même jour !
    Joyeux anniversaire avec 10 jours de retard !

  50. 🙁 I missed your birthday and this cake! Such a pretty cake Béa and really wonderful fruits together. A taste for rhubarb was given to me by my grandmother so I’m always happy to see it.
    Happy Birthday.

  51. happy belated birthday! Mine was just 4 days before yours! yay! taurus rocks! the best people are tauruses… ^^ (love the strawberry tart)

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  53. Happy birthday and thanks, again. Probably one of the best places in the world to spend your birthday.

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