Sunday Multi Fruit Tartlets — Tartelettes aux fruits du dimanche

Fig, Pear and Plum Tart, Vanilla-Flavored Ricotta Cream

You know why I am happy today?

I bought a few plane tickets!

I am always happy to do this, I must admit. Travel and Food are the best of the two worlds!

So if you have any tips as to what to do and see in and around Copenhagen, please let me know! I have always wanted to visit this city and Denmark. So even if it will only happen in a few months, I am already excited and thinking about it!

Happy Sunday! We are off for a Sunday picnic again tomorrow, with little tartlets to nibble on!

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  1. Hi Bea! Your stories are always so refreshing and cheerful,they always make me smile (maybe you’re always happy because you’re always thinking of delicious food…..) I love your blog,and of course,the pictures!!!! They’re magical. I would like to experiment with some of the flours you mention here,but unfortunately,they’re very hard to come by in my country…..perhaps I’ll pick some up while traveling.
    Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us.Have a nice weekend!!

  2. Mmmm… What a photograph!

    I loved going to the Tivoli Park in the center of Copenhagen. It’s a century old amusement park, full of old fashioned charm, restaurants, music, chinese lanterns… You get the drift.
    The little mermaid is somewhat disappointing, but you can’t go there and not see it, can you? Also, it’s worth taking one of the boat trips off the haven.

  3. Your pictures, recipes and writing always make me drool… 🙂 So now that you’re heading to my kneck of the woods I finally get a chance to give back a little…

    When visiting Copenhagen, there’s a few must-do things:

    Take a boat tour of the canals and harbour to get a feel for the city. You’ll spend 2 minutes with the little mermaid…plenty in my view

    Visit Christiania – the free-town – which sadly won’t be around in its currrent form much longer

    Visit Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek – a fantastic art museum – and the café in the winter garden is one of my favourite hideaways on a rainy day!

    If it’s a sunny, warm autumn day, have a beer in Nyhavn alongside the old sailing ships and enjoy some serious people watching

    Take a walk around Assistentens Kirkegård – a cemetery on Nørrebro, the SoHo of Copenhagen. Afterwards take a walk around the streets of Nørrebro and enjoy all the small shops, cafés etc.

    Visit the art museum Louisiana in Humlebæk north of the city — a beautiful part of Denmark and a fantastic museum

    Eat at Noma — if you can get a table. Modern Nordic cooking at its best — has just earned its second Michellin star

    Eat smørrebrød for lunch, the Danish open faced sandwich speciality. I recommend places like Restaurant Sankt Annæ, Gitte Kik or Told & Snaps rather some of the tourist traps…

    By the way: You should have visited this week instead, when the Copenhagen Cooking festival is taking place!



  4. Oh Bea…most days I wish I were you ….always making yummy food, yet still so skinny…always getting to travel…and then taking fantastic pictures of both. Sigh. 🙂

  5. Acheter des billets d’avion c’est vraiment un de meilleurs cadeaux qu’on puisse se faire. Tout plein de promesses a venir.

  6. I’m seeing tartlets abound. Such lovely tarts bea and indeed perfect to take on a picnic.

  7. I love to come back to your website – amazing pictures and great recipes!!!

    As a Dane living in Boston, I just thought I would add to Lars’ excellent tips…(althoug he mentioned the essentials!)

    When in Copenhagen do as the locals; bike. It’s a great way to explore the city. There are free City bikes available around town (and they even come with a map).

    A walk on ‘Voldene’ is a nice way to get a great view of the city.

    Shopping favorites: Latin quarter, Kronprinsensgade, Gl. Kongevej, Nansensgade, Østerbrogade…

    Head to some of the nice parks for a peaceful, romantic getaway. E.g ‘Frederiksberg Have’ or ‘Kongens Have’ where the Rosenborg Castle also is situated.

    Enjoy your trip!

  8. Happy travels! I look forward to seeing what your camera and your words find… and beautiful pictures, as always.

  9. I’m just too jealous, you lucky fish! And your little tarts look delicate and scrumptious. Well done. I can’t wait to see your photo’s from the up coming trip.

  10. Thanks so much Mary for your nice words. I hope you are able to find the flours soon. Where are you?

    Kat, thank you. I cannot wait!

    Lisanka, merci! J’espere que ta journee etait toutefois bonne.

    Mar, thanks so much for the suggestions. I am making notes.

    Lars, thanks so much for your words and superb tips. I cannot wait to visit your wondeful country and city! Being patient until it happens will be the hardest part 😉

    Rosa, merci!

    Yoyo, thank you!

    Adeline, merci, toi aussi.

    Peabody, ahah, you are funny! Well be reassured, life is not always all rosy being me! 😉

    Anh, thank you.

    Gracianne, merci bien. Oui, je me rejouis deja !

    Veron, oh yes, and you know what, is is not soon to be over. What can I say, I just love to bake tarts that much!

    Line, oh thank you so much for your tips! I cannot wait, as said before. I will have to go back more than once!

    Maryann, thank you.

    Molly, thank you very much!

    Hillary, January, plenty of time!

    Robyn, I guess you are right to say I am lucky, and feel thankful and grateful.

    Bronwyn, je ne l’ai pas encore publiee. Merci de votre visite.

  11. oh how i wish you would publish the recipe for this! I jut got some beautiful little pears from an orchard in sonoma and would love to make a pear tart but they all include almond cream and apricot jam, which is great, but soooo ordinary and I do not feel like almond with my pears just now so I would love to make this one! Please post it!