A Dessert for Girls, with Roses — Un dessert pour filles, avec des roses

Coconut, Raspberry Tart with Crystallized Rose Petals

Du rouge


In Roses and Raspberries

The myth that roses are only for girls might be true. Is it?
Perhaps this dessert is more likely looking like your typical dessert pour filles (Dessert for Girls)

I had enough time to make this Coconut, Raspberry Tart with Crystallized Rose Petals. Initially made for a friend, we liked it so much that I made it again. Since the theme of this Sugar High Friday event is featuring Flower Power, I thought Roses!

Et voilà ! When I told you I liked red as a color! Recipe will follow.

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  1. I loved the original, and I love this one too! Next time my roses are in season, I will have to try crystallizing some with coconut like you have! They’re so pretty!

  2. That looks soooo pretty! I like the top image of the green cloth background and a pink cake. Very nice!

  3. Crystallized Rose Petals…sounds like something a princess in a fairytale would eat…actually your cake looks like it belongs in a fairytale…beautiful!

  4. Great minds think alike! I too love (and made) candied rose petals. But this tart is so much more. The coconut alone makes me want to eat it all as coconut is one of my very favourite things in the world. And the colours are so pretty. We girls are so very lucky to be able to love such pretty colours.

    Beautiful as always, Bea!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    What else can I say Bea?! Now I wished I had fresh roses that I can use for this. Oh bother!

  6. coconut coconut pas pour moi alors, je passe juste pour le fun et les photos !! pas pour la recette cette fois désolée!!!

  7. We girls do have a lot of fun, especially when we fall in love with desserts that look as spectacular as yours, the vibrant colors and textures are stunning. Thanks for participating!

  8. Oui, c’est très féminin! Framboises et noix de coco, je n’ai encore jamais essayé,mais j’adore la noix de coco, contrairement à Mercotte…

  9. NOT JUST FOR GIRLS! I would eat every speck of that and then lick the plate. Of course I’d do it in a dark closet by myself (hey! no closet jokes…)

  10. Magnifique!Effectivement, un vrai dessert de filles!Mais je suis sure qu’il fera aussi l’unanimité auprès des hommes!

  11. Bonjour. Ma question n’a rien avoir avec des rose…desole…en plus ce dessert a l’air delicieux! Par contre j’essaie la recette de ravioli pour la premiere fois. Je voudrais savoir pour combien de temps je peux garder la pate au frigo (et si c’est possible de la conserver au congelateur. Si oui, pour combien de temps?). Merci de partager!

  12. Hi-On another subject (even though this dessert is beautiful)-does anyone know if I can keep pasta dough in the freezer? And if so, for how long? Thank!

  13. Tu vois, tu dis dessert pour fille et moi j’en prends deja deux parts…c’est tellement beau. j’adore l’idee des petales de rose crystallises, j’en fait souvent avec les fruits. Belle idees…Le rouge est une couleur tellement vibrante et pleine de vie!

  14. Such a beautiful creation!
    Even only looking at it, I can feel the rose petals melt on my tongue.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful world of food!
    I am addicted to your blog, even if I don’t comment on each and every post, I look it up and savour to no end. What pleasure!

  15. Complètement “girly” ce dessert, oui, je partage ton avis ! Quoi que j’en connais plus d’un qui seraient prêts à se laisser tenter par une (petite ?!) part de cette étnnante tarte, toute en couleurs et en subtilité… A commencer par mon gourmand de mari ! ;O)

    Vraiment très très réussi comme toujours Béa, bravo !

    Amicalement blog,

  16. fantastic…wish I had the courage or the skill to create such a lovely creation….thanks for sharing…

  17. That looks utterly beautiful – the crystallized rose petals add the *perfect* touch. I’d love to make this for my friend for her upcoming birthday! Though I won’t be able to mimic your perfection, I’d love to try at least! Could you provide the recipe?

  18. Absolutely gorgeous! I love coconut and raspberries, and roses just add to the decadence! I wish I could have a slice of that!

  19. Thank you all again. Recipe will follow under a different form…

  20. I guess you will not write up the recipe. I have been waiting for it but promises, promises…


  21. Yes!! J’ attends avec impatience la recette de cette tarte absolument magnifique !YUmmm!

  22. only today found this…………….oh my………….as with previous posts…I am anxiously awaiting the recipe…..

  23. will we ever get the recipe… or have I just not been able to locate it on this site??????