The Grass is So Green – L’herbe est si verte

Albestroff, my home village, viewed from a regular walk I enjoy taking

On the way, an old friend

I had forgotten how green the grass is here in early fall. I am told it rained a lot over the last few days.

I am well arrived in France, with much to tell you already. But today, I only have time for a quick note to say hello!

And I promise to show you more than cows next time. I cannot help it, I simply love them!

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  1. J’ai vécu jusqu’à mes 21 ans en Normandie, alors (j’en ai 25 aujourd’hui) et les vaches me manquent beaucoup…

  2. I adore the cow looking over his shoulder as if to say, “Do I know you?”

    Looking forward to your posts

  3. La France, dans toute sa splendeur. Il fallait les yeux d’une expatriee pour prendre de pareilles photos.

  4. Your posts bring tears to my eyes — there is such a difference between the USA and France — I hope you have a wonderful time “chez toi”…

  5. hello, j’habite à albestroff je suis curieuse de savoir qui tu es.