Résultats du DMBLG Juillet 2006 – DMBLG July 2006 Results

Do you see this little icon on the top corner right?

And do you remember these financiers?

Well, yesterday, I felt touched and happy, and I need to explain.

I recently participated in the July edition of Does My Blog Look Good Event, held every month. Helen (Grab Your Fork) hosted it and Matt (MattBites), Jocelyn (Kudaoire), Melissa (Traveler’s Lunchbox) and Julia (Aroma Cookery) judged it. All I can say is that they did an amazing job at organizing the whole event and providing detailed reviews, comments and even photography tips. Like real professional that they are.

The results were just announced and to my surprise, I received the Winner of Food Styling (Creativity) award and came second in the Overall Winner category, for the picture shown above. Wow! What a nice surprise that is! I know judging events like this is tough (since I judged one myself, I can speak for it) and I also know that many people deserve to win, even if only a few end up in the winner list. In any case, I wanted to thank everyone for making my day brighter and sunnier, when I received the results. Ca fait toujours très plaisir ! (It always makes me happy!) As mentioned to Helen, this is the first award I get, since you do not get many awards when you grow up in France (at school for example, you can always feel lucky and should be happy to get a mere 10 out 20 grade because teachers assess from bottom to top, rather than top to bottom…anyway, this is a long story!)

Go and check Helen’s post to find out about all of the great participating blogs, and to hear about the other winners! Amongst them, you will find superb looking food blogs such as Bron’s (Bron Marshall), Audrey’s (Berry Simple) and Lara’s (Cookbook 411), to name a few, which are already favorite food blogs of mine.

And since Matt created winners’ badges for us to display on our blogs, here it is! Isn’t Matt amazing?

Next month’s competition will be hosted by the lovely and talented Fanny at Food Beam. Have fun participating!

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  1. It was a very well-deserved win. Your photo was gorgeous!

    Thanks for the very kind words (and lovely write-up) and I’m glad you are so happy and excited about the result–you will receive many more awards in the future I am sure. How could you not? Your photos are fantastique! Congratulations again and well done.

  2. Congratulations. Your food photos are always beautiful, so I wasn’t surprised to see you had won.

  3. bravo, c’est super, mais c’est tout à fait normal et mérité, ils ne s’y sont pas trompé d’ailleurs!

  4. Congratulations Bea! This is definitely a well deserved award – you always have such beautiful photos of your artistically presented dishes. I get a lot of inspiration from your site! 😉

  5. Béa, when you show up with a new post on my RSS, I won’t click on it until I have time and take a deep breath because so often you take my breath away and I always want time to savor your words & photos.
    Congratulations and well done.

  6. Well deserved! Bea your food always looks devine and your presentation is impeccable!

  7. Congratulations…I’m not surprised. Your pictures are always so good to look at. They make my mouth water.

  8. I am awestruck by the beauty here! You deserve recognition, Bea! And I must thank Kristen at French Food and Lavender for providing the link to your site.

  9. Félicitations!. Mais il ne pouvait en être autrement!
    Congratulations! Not only it’s “look good”, It si One of the best. Your photos remain me speechless each time I come to visit…

  10. Thank you all for your nice comments. Again, I feel touched by such nice feedback! Imagine if I could thank you with a big nice buffet. Would be so much fun!

  11. Congratulations Béa!!!!!
    Have you chosen which photo you will enter for this months? A very hard decision I would think!!
    Well Done! xxxx Bron

  12. Congratulations Bea. All your photos are excellent. It must difficult to decide which one to enter each month.

  13. toutes mes félicitations, j’espère que cela va te donner des ailes pour continuer à nous faire saliver.

  14. you deserve it bea, your lovely creations are always enhanced by the way you present your food. its shows you have a great appreciation for the act of dining. Just gorgeous!

  15. Thanks again Ces, Bron, David, Anne, Carol, Barbara, JenJen and Jocelyn! I guess my happy day is really extended thanks to you! 😉 And yes Bron and Barbara, you are right to say that I always find difficult to know which photo to choose for the event. I am sure many of us do too!

  16. Congratulations! (haha, as many, many more already have said…) it IS a very beautiful pic…
    Love your blog + ALL your pictures!

  17. Tu le mérite completement…
    ton blog est toujours un émerveillement… pour les pupilles comme pour les papilles… c’est toujours superbe!

  18. Julia, Loukoum, Ivonne, Sophie et Fred,

    Thanks to all of you. Merci beaucoup! You are too sweet!

    I definitely feel encouraged to continue thanks to your constant support! My blog would be way different without you all, the fabulous readers. So thank you again!

  19. I’m a big fan of yours so congratulations. Not only your choices of recipes are great as the way you present everything is just unique.

  20. Bea,
    Congrats! You truely deserved the title! You have great talent and an eye for beauty! Hey, maybe one day I’ll see your name in magazine! Who knows!